15 Reasens to choose ROSS Teaching

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15 Reasons to Choose ROSS Teaching

1, When you make the big decision to become a certified yoga teacher, you are faced with many options. If Kundalini Yoga is your calling, then the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training ROSS-KYTT (SSMHG) is the place to be! ROSS is the only official training organization that promotes the teachings of Kundalini Yoga from the original Sikh tradition "the real beginning". A dedicated team of experienced yoga professionals administers the ROSS-KYTT Teacher Program in over 58 countries and more than 22 languages worldwide®.

2, ROSS Teaching has more than 25 years of practical experience in various forms of yoga, both in practice and distance learning, which is very easy to follow as a home study Worldwide.

3, KYTT offers the only approved teacher training programs in Kundalini Yoga by original Sikh traditions by taught of Yogies. Aneg Singh and Manora Harri Singh®. If you read the fine print, you will find that other programs may result in an ancillary certification, but not KYTT/SSMHG certification. By choosing a ROSS/KYTT certified program, you will receive training that is taught by SSMHG licensed Teacher Trainers who have completed many years of in-depth practice and study to achieve their KYTT training credentials. Most importantly, only KYTT certified Level One Teacher Training fulfills the prerequisite requirements to continue with Level Two and Level Three training in one study + we give also Training Videos!! ROSS gives only complete yoga and spiritual education.

4, International standards and certification levels ensure that all programs deliver the same quality - regardless of where you follow the training.
The KRI teacher training program is a standardized system of three certification levels, each building on the other. You will find the same quality program and the same depth of information everywhere you choose to complete your program. Level one, two, and three graduates are internationally certified by SSMHG as an instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by the original Teaching from the Sikh tradition®, are registered with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association, and meet the 500-hour requirement for the Yoga Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group (SSMHG) (registered yoga teacher).

5, Level One certification gives you the basis and requirements to proceed to the Level Two Practitioner program, which gives you ROSS 500 Level approval from Yoga SSMHG. After following the KYTT level two training you are eligible for a KYTT level three teacher certification plus the Openbook exam.

6, You will always find top-quality Teacher Trainers who have the depth of knowledge and experience required to guide you.
All ROSS Teacher Trainers have successfully completed a comprehensive and in-depth Professional Development Program. Aspiring new Teacher Trainers must have completed over 500 hours of study and have taught a minimum of 500 -1500 hours of Kundalini Yoga and Saarganjobaalja Yoga and Mudra Yoga. Only then may they begin as Interns working closely with a mentor, and then progress over time to become designated by ROSS as Associate, Professional, and eventually Lead Trainers. Trainers are assessed at every stage by thorough interviews and international certification committees on their competence and qualifications before progressing to the next designation. These dedicated teachers are committed to delivering the teachings of Kundalini Yoga by taught Yogies from the Sikh tradition®.

7, The training is supported by a comprehensive and well-organized textbook called The SSMHG KYTT Teacher and a companion text called The Master's Touch. Program time is 500 hours Hometime. Of home study and practice, scheduled over a minimum of three months. This training offers a profound learning and growth process through a combination of study, personal practice, and experience that include sound and mantra, use of breath, the practice of kriyas, postures and exercises, relaxation and meditation, Sadhana practice (daily practice), attachment, homework, instruction and more.

8, You are given one-on-one trainer support each step of the way to make sure you get what you need and help you complete the program.
Teacher training programs are offered only by ROSS/SSMHG licensed Lead Trainers who, together with their team of teacher trainers, are available both during and outside class time to provide one-on-one support, guidance, and encouragement to students. The deep experience of these pieces of training is likely to impact you on every level. Whether you have questions about a study topic, are experiencing an emotional response, or just need to talk, having this type of personalized support is invaluable to your process of becoming a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

9, After achieving graduation and certification as a Level One Instructor, continuing to have the support of mentors and peers will be as important as ever. Venturing out as a new yoga teacher can be challenging and being able to connect with experienced teachers is a vital resource. Many times, students will have completed a program that has a Lead Trainer or other members of the training team who live in the student's local area or region. Often these supportive relationships, whether local or long distance, extend beyond the end of a program as an outcome of the strong commitment that SSMHG trainers bring to their role as teachers.

10, Certification qualifies you for membership in a professional association of Kundalini Yoga teachers that is a valuable networking opportunity.
All graduates of Level One, Two, and Three, and Masters training are automatically registered as three-year members with the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (SSMHG) based worldwide or with a national affiliate Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association if one is established in their country of residence. Having a membership in SSMHG or your national association provides a continuing source of professional support, resources for further development, local and global networking with other teachers, and more. SSMHG also serves as the primary regulatory body that upholds the professional standards and practices and ethical conduct for KYTT/ROSS certified Kundalini Yoga teachers. Click here or more information about SSMHG website link:  https://www.ssmhg-association.com/

11, You can also expect support through the SSMHG for starting up with your own study center. You can think of your own Franchise. You can request the conditions under the following link:  


12, Deepen your development as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with a three-level approach to certification.
The three Levels of the KYTT teacher training program are designed to help you continually expand your depth and breadth as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Level One gives you the Theory, principles, and practices of Kundalini Yoga and a yogic lifestyle, and prepares you to lead your own classes in Kundalini Yoga. Building on Level One, Level Two is about personal and teacher transformation and deepening your core capacities, character, and consciousness as a Kundalini Yoga teacher. The yogic capacities of intuition, neutrality, and self-assessment are cultivated through the five mirrors of consciousness, each of which constitutes a program module that is part of Level Two certification as a Practitioner. These five programs are Conscious Communication, Mind and Meditation, Authentic Relationships, Kundalini Awaking, all Kriya's, Lifecycles and Lifestyles, and Vitality and Stress. Level Three is a Sikh meditation 40 days until Sabia's commitment to the Realization of the Teacher within, through engagement with a spiritual community, deep meditation, and service (Seva). Seeded in Level One and Level Two, the three qualities of Spiritual Maturity, Meditative Mind, and Seva are deeply integrated and form the core of the Level Three experience which challenges you to live the authentic life you were meant to live. Home open-book exam.

13, You can also expect support through the SSMHG for starting up with your own study center. You can think of your own Franchise. You can request the conditions under the following link:  


14, KYTT houdt zich aan ethische en professionele normen in de hele internationale gemeenschap van Kundalini Yoga-leraren en lerarenopleiders.
ROSS gecertificeerde instructeurs gaan akkoord met professionele gedrags- en ethische normen die de acties van alle KYTT-instructeurs en lerarenopleiders sturen. Deze ethische code helpt de integriteit van KYTT-trainingen en gecertificeerde instructeurs te behouden en biedt bescherming en verhaal voor yogastudenten, Kundalini Yoga-gemeenschappen en andere leraren en trainers. KYTT kent een niet aflatende toewijding aan ethiek en gedragsnormen en je zult er altijd trots op zijn om een SSMHG gecertificeerde yoga-instructeur te zijn!

15, Be Part of the Global Kundalini Yoga Teacher Community SSMHG Association.
Become a Kundalini Yoga teacher and join with many thousands of teachers around the world in serving humanity through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by the original  Yogies from the Sikh tradition.


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