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I really recommend ross! I myself lost my job because of the Corona and I have to retrain. I am currently following a total spiritual training package. This way I will soon be able to start up my own practice and help people. Such as people with trauma processing, Eft, shamanism, Saarganjobaalja, and more. Can I also promote my new company here? John Brown from Denver

I have now started the full kundalini yoga training with the master and Ayurveda doctor training. I wanted this for a long time, but unfortunately, I couldn't leave the house in the evening. I have four children, but besides my children, I also think my own development is very important. I am also very grateful to Ross, I can follow the training completely in my own time. I really recommend this way of teaching. I am from NY USA Kalissa Walker 29-08-2020

(Spain 29/08) I definitely recommend this training. Carlos Ramirez Namasté

28-08-2020 I have registered for the five yoga courses. I'm going to set up my own yoga school in Washington when Corona is over. In the meantime, I can fully focus on the different yoga forms. So far I am very satisfied. I'm from California but I'm moving to Washington. Can I promote my yoga school even if I have passed or do I have to ask customer service? Olivia Oduol

I am very happy that I am following this training. I had a car accident in 2017 and from that moment on I have been suffering from stiff muscles in my neck. Thanks to the good guidance, my health is much better. I am not quite there but the guidance is so caring and helpful without haste I can follow the training in my own time. After the training, I also want to follow the PKYTT in the new year. One more Level to go. Have a nice day ROSS. Love and Peace Elly White USA.

26-08-2020 Thank you for teaching me in kundalini yoga. I'm so grateful big hug. Namasté Karin Whiteman Australia

I really recommend this training. I have really changed mentally and, physically. I am a COPD patient myself but I can honestly say that I have learned to breathe in a different way. I use a lot less medication. My number is 2020HI30033 from Germany

24-08-2020 Great program. I get all my favorites kundalini exercises in the paper version and download version. I want both so that I can do yoga on the different places for right at home on my schedule. I can pause if I need to, I can take it on the road with me, and try things that I might not have the courage to do in person at home where no one can laugh at me. I like the way how ross gives teaching. On every question a received comment for more advice. Thank you. blessing you all. Cindy and Sandra Pájer from France.

I'm a single mama and I can not go to a practice school. This is so much better. Before I registered for Kundalini Yoga Teacher I have already done a Chakra Yoga training. The homework and comments are good and very clear. I recommend this education. After this training, I will do pregnancy teacher training. When is this available? Namasté Jenny Blof from Sweden.

ROSS has changed my life!! Thank you for making constant changes that make ROSS on Demand better. I am a 52-year-old woman who thought exercise would eventually become difficult to do. 15-08-2020 Big hug Angela Housten from Beverly Hills.

Dear Atma thank you for teaching me in the Kundalini yoga teacher training. I ask the customer service about the other yoga teaching. I hope that you giving me again teaching. But I want to say to all "I recommended this online course!!

 21/7/2020 Hi, ross thank you so much for this kundalini yoga online course. I received my certification. I'm so happy to start also in December for the PKYTT thank you so much, Carolina Smith, from Texas

Best decision I ever made to do the complete KYTT teaching. As a retired mother of adult children, I have been seeking purpose. It began with the yoga philosophy course and then led me to this Yoga institute now I going to do Saarganjobaalja thank you specialty Arjan Amrani. Sacha 2019SH20200581 from Greece. 20-9-2019.

Hi, I want to thank Aneg Singh for the good teaching. Thank you so much Andrew  Washington. 15-2-2019

"Thank you Aneg Singh for teaching, I'm more than satisfied! Now I'm finished last month. The master Certificate is so beautiful Namasté

I want to thank ROSS for my KYTT training so quickly in three months I was done. It was practicing yoga every day but I made it. Thank you for helping me so well. Rose Willems from the United Kingdom.

*"Thank you very much from both Neil and me for a very comprehensive and useful introduction to ROSS Kundalini  yoga."
Gowri & Neil, Taunton

*"I joined Aneg Singh ROSS yoga class to combat stiffening joints and to regain some lost flexibility, I am happy to say that Kundalini yoga works for me. The class is fun and the other students are a good crowd."
Dietrich, Ubley

*"Just wanted to say a big thank you for another good term and especially the wonderful online course. We all came away totally distressed - long may it last."
Laila, Rickford

*At school in 2003, I was the worst of class.
Only suitable for special education my teacher said.

In March 2016 I started the Kundalini Yoga teacher training of ROSS / K.Y.T.T.

I passed November 2016, and now I have my own yoga school. Thanks to the personal guidance of R.O.S.S / K.Y.T.T.

Thanks for this, You changed my life.

A warm greeting Kara Moutinho. Whanganui, New Zealand.


I live in klippen.

A little town in N/E of Sweden, More than 500 km of the big city

It was impossible for me to follow Yoga training in the big city because the distances are far too big.
R.O.S.S. Gave me the opportunity to do the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training online.
What a wonderful solution. I can recommend this to everyone.

Regards Anna Petterson

*Good evening

I like to give positive feedback, for my study at R.O.S.S

Here in Hungary, the salary s are very low.

It is very difficult to pay for the very expensive Kundalini training for Level 1.2 and 3

At some training centers, sometimes more than $ 1500 for a level.

You give me a great offer, perfect training, for a normal price for all levels in one.

Don't ask me how, but you did it.

Super!! Atilla Miklos Gyor Hungary.

*When I told a girlfriend I wanted to do Kundalini online, this was impossible she said.

That's fake! You really should not do that!
I have doubted for a long time.
Nevertheless, I took the risk, and I thank God that I did.
She is also following your education at R.O.S.S./K.Y.T.T, funny!

Kristien. Dusseldorf Germany

*Last year I started a kundalini yoga training Level 1 in Schoorl ( The Netherlands)

Nice location but quite expensive for 1 level.
After 1 day I was already stuffy, It seemed a sect.
Everybody was in the Gloria, really very scary, and after a day I had stopped again.

Sorry for the money. Two weeks later, I started at R.O.S.S,
From hell in heaven, Everything at your own pace and no fellow students you have to wait for.
For me, the perfect solution. Spread the words,
Erik. Alkmaar (Netherlands)

*When studying in a large group, I do not always feel comfortable.
Sometimes afraid to ask things, and afraid to make mistakes.
I also found it difficult to speak for a group. When I started at R.O.S.S, it did not work well.

Therefore I was very happy with the 1 on 1 accompaniment.
A very good teacher who understood what I felt and could.
I obtained a diploma, very proud of myself,

Now I stand for the class as a teacher, Thanks R.O.S.S.

Karin from Dublin.

I am lucky that I chose K.Y.T.T. Teachers Training School R.O.S.S., wonderful Teacher school very able, understanding professional teachers & when I came to the school I was not sure if I could manage the training because of my age (59) and untrained body ,but they did a wonderfull job on me now I can do nearly all the poses,I can say that I am literally changed for the better. I thank full. Icna from Italy.

Santana  - France - 39 years I'm doing my 500 hrs teacher training in K.Y.T.T/R.O.S.S. and you're going to find below my overview after 2 months. I came first for the 200hrs in 15th January. The facilities at the K.Y.T.T. are clean, nice and comfortable.  The Teacher Training E-learning are very interesting, I started with Pranayama/Meditation just to start slowly, then the Mantra yoga to help you to wake you up. The lecture helps you to understand what you learn during the yoga practice and all the Yoga philosophy. Atma Kaur is an incredible teacher, he knows how to teach you Yoga Asana and the philosophy, you don't see the time going when you are in his course. I recommend very strongly to come in K.Y.T.T. as home study, the teaching is very good and for the home study is just amazing.
Thank you Atma Kaur

-Thank you so much K.Y.T.T. for Teaching I'm so happy.

With love Cyndi Dalen

So glad I found K.Y.T.T.- R.O.S.S
Certainly going to share with my friends and family to challenge themselves too.

Carolyn Flynn

Loved the day with Teacher Training of the K.Y.T.T, I'm a beginner and I found that the instruction and lessons were pitched at the right teaching for me! I was able to complete the practice with ease but felt slightly challenged too, Now i have Level 2! Thank you  Pathi Yildirim :) Have a great day!!

I'm just started with this Teacher program of Yogi Bhajan. Almost finished it a couple of months ago but then vertigo struck bad so I had no chance.  Love surprising myself with the positions I can get in which I didn't think possible. , is to be able to kneel again - I have arthritis in hip and knee. Allison Lyker

Woah, just finished the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and I have now the Level 1, 2 and 3  I was afraid it would be too fast for me, but I could keep up without problems yay! Looking forward to starting my own school)

Thank you for Teaching !! Gibney from Spain

I am relax after did one class. I loved it. Thank you so much for the good Teaching , Namaste !

Rishina from India

One of the main reasons I've started to become Kundalini Yoga Teacher. I noticed that my legal and backs are short! I really need this kind of exercise !! Thank you! ''Khalsa Canada''

Yes Yes ! Now I'm a Kundalini yoga teacher Thank you so much for Teaching and the support I m so happily.              Jacki -  New York,  and I want also to say to my teacher Vera Tóth you are the best Teacher ever.

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