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Wake up Mother Kundalini.
Thou whose nature is Bliss Eternal-The Bliss of Brahman.
Thou dwelling like a serpent asleep at the lotus of Muladhara,
Sore, affected and distressed am I in body and mind,
Do thou bless me and leave thy place at the basic lotus.
Consort of Siva the Self-caused Lord of Universe,
Do thou take thy upward course through the central canal.
Leaving behind Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Vishuddha, and Ajna.
Be thou united with Siva, thy Lord the God.
At Sahasrara-the thousand-petalled-lotus in the brain.
Sport there freely, O Mother, Giver of Bliss Supreme.
Mother, who is Existence, Knowledge, Bliss Absolute.
Wake up, Mother Kundalini! Wake up

Price: Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at home training

Including textbook plus exercises book.

At every level you will get a certificate and at the end of the teacher training the certified diploma

Level 1 + Level 2+ Level 3   - Paper version



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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training + Free Mudra Yoga Teacher Training

Valid from 16-2-2018 until 25-2-2018


Homestudy - E-learing - Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training '                The Teacher Training Worldwide - Yogi Bhajan'

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Mudra Yoga Teacher Training - Paper version Price $395

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As Yogi Bhajan often said, he came to create teachers, not to gather students. He saw every student as a potential teacher.

He eventually developed a worldwide network of teachers who have spread their wings and helped to heal others with their kindness, compassion, and a lot of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Whether you were a new student or an 'advanced' student, in the eyes of Yogi, you were a teacher in the making.

ROSS/KYTT - Sufi Circles
ROSS/KYTT - Sufi Circles

Welcome to the online home study kundalini yoga teachers of the R.O.S.S.

Learn the Level 1 and Level 2 plus the Level 3 in one study.

* The advantage of studying from home is the following:
* Not having to wait on other  students.                                                                                        * You will be trained as Kundalini Yoga teacher with the approved diploma of the international ROSS/KYTT while studying from home
* Much cheaper then practice school
* You get your private teacher
* You get you home free training package sent or you can choose for a downloaded version. No additional cost. Free registration, free shipping, no certification costs.                                                                                             * You will learn all the orginal exercises of Yogi Bhajan.            * After each Level you get a certificate Recognized / degree.                                                                                         * You get an open book exam.
* You are studying at your own pace



Welcome to he website of the Online International Kundalini Yoga teacher training, made possible by the ROSS and the Professional Association S.S.M.H.G. After years of studies and practical experiences, we have developed the Online International Kundalini yoga teacher training for people who want to grow and usefull are looking for theirself and its purpose to teach others teaching.

Discover more of yourself with mental development of the beautiful Kriyas we give.        

The Yoga training is very easy to follow by the clear images plus the extended exercises books with the original exercises or Yogi Bhajan. Also usefull to heal yourself with blockages in the body, your own body can relax by the beautiful healing meditations everything related to Kundalini and Kundalini Yoga is Discussed. The training is Intended for people who like to work with mind and body, wanna be on a relaxing and strenuous way. The ROSS Training Offers Kundalini Yoga Online, so you can keep repeating the exercises at your own pace, the meditation, the Healing everything related to Kundalini Yoga, "all the way in your own familiar surroundings can go without practicing and you don't have to wait on other students.

" The advantage Is that the training-including: Level 1, Level 2 plus Level 3, this is much cheaper than going to a Yoga practice school''.

                                                                                       Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." 


What  is Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a yoga form. It is Practiced as a way to the latent power of the nervous system (Kundalini) to excite by focusing on energy centers (Chakras). This one uses dynamic body exercises combined with different breathing techniques, especially with the fire breath or the Kapalabhati.                     The breath takes a central role.                                           Kundalini Yoga is sometimes called the yoga of consciousness. With a regular practice of Kundalini yoga one would Become an aware human: the consciousness of your true self.                 Then you would better communicate with the acquired awareness from the here and now. Kundalini yoga is Said to be very directly acts on, both the nervous system and the glands of human system, whereby the effect of the exercises would experience firsthand immediately in the form of Increased relaxation, vitality and alertness. Kundalini yoga practitioners regard as the most powerful form of yoga.

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