Activate Kundalini

If your snake power is already active, the radiant Kundalini can reduce any ill effects and accelerate the personal development that triggers the golden Kundalini. Before activating the staling, red or gold Kundalini, it is important to consider your objective and your needs. Although the radiant Kundalini can always be activated without risk, it nevertheless remains a form of Kundalini. By waking your Kundalini you make a lifelong commitment.

You acknowledge your divinity and promise to act in daily life as the divine being that you actually are. It is a promise to see others in the same light and share your own light with them. It is a life-extending decision that you should not take too lightly.

As Kundalini flows through us, it paves the way for love and grace. In fact, we become the love and grace we long for. This entails changes in attitude, behavior, and lifestyle that require gradual adjustment. It is therefore good to carefully prepare the activation of your Kundalini.

With the exercises covered in the full KYTT + Master Education, you will safely awaken your red Kundalini by first activating your radiant Kundalini and then moving your golden Kundalini. The exercises can be performed consecutively, but it is recommended that you take a break after each activation and be grateful for the newly stimulated Kundalini. Such a break can last a few days, but also a few months. Convenience, self-love, and simplicity are the criteria for determining when it is time for the next step.

The safest way to awaken your red Kundalini is to start with your heart and first activate your radiant Kundalini. The radiant Kundalini is always in your service's interest and can, therefore, be safely activated at any time. This can be purifying and good preparation for the awakening of the red Kundalini. 

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