Comments about ROSS 


I want to give my compliments to the education of the ROSS so kindly. I had first completed my full KYTT with you and now I will follow the Ayurveda DC medicine training. What I want to say is really very satisfied that my homework is assessed so quickly. Roland Moody from NY2020RM6652001

I am so happy that I can finally follow my education. I want to be a Yoga teacher for years, but I couldn't because of the great distance here in Canada. I am so grateful that I have now achieved level 1 and will continue to love the Master's course Namasté  Lines Elland.

Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher - passing your knowledge & love of
Kundalini Master Yoga. I am grateful to have been your student. You have been blessed with a
a wonderful gift of helping & healing minds and bodies. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Best wishes as you leave Jennifer Smith from Miami 2018JS002317
Jennifer 19-12-2019

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to experience Kundalini Yoga under your
guidance. I can never thank you enough for helping me with my back and wrist pain.
You will be greatly missed. Best wishes to you in Hungarian.
Thank you,
Ilonka 19-12-2019

I want to thank ROSS for my KYTT training so quickly in three months I was done. It was practicing yoga every day but I made it. Thank you for helping me so well. Rose Willems from the United Kingdom.

For me is teacher Aneg are the yoga classes that kept the aging process at bay. No matter how tired or despondent I might feel before the class afterward I am so glad I made the effort and commitment. My previously aching body is renewed with vigor and imbued with a sense of calm and peace. Having little willpower to practice on my own I rely very heavily on Aneg lesson in the study. Ricky Heidem

Namsté I joined ross yoga training to combat stiffening joints and to regain some lost flexibilty , I am happy to say that yoga works for me. The teacher is fun and good. Now I start with level 3."
Sandra, Ubley

Good day....Just wanted to say a big thank you for another good term and especially the wonderful teacher training lessons. We all came away totally destressed - long may it last."
Sylvia, Brendon Broughton

*At school in 2003 I was the worst of class.
Only suitable for special education my teacher said.

In march 2016 I started the Kundalini Yoga teacher training of R.O.S.S / K.Y.T.T.

I passed November 2016, and now I have my own yoga school. Thanks to the personal guidance of R.O.S.S / K.Y.T.T.

Thanks for this, You changed my life.

A warm greeting Kara Moutinco . Whanganui, New Zealand.


I live in klippen.

A little town in N/E of Sweden, More than 500 km of the big city

It was impossible for me to follow a Yoga training in the big city because the distances are far too big.
R.O.S.S. Gave me the opportunity to do the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training online.
What a wonderful solution. I can recommend this to everyone.

Regards Anna Petterson

*Good evening

I like to give positive feedback, for my study at R.O.S.S

Here in Hungary, the salary s are very low.

It is very difficult to pay the very expensive Kundalini training for Level 1.2 and 3

At some training centers, sometimes more than $ 1500 for a level.

You give me a great offer, flexible, perfect training, for a normal price for all levels in one.

Don't ask me how, but you did it.

Super!! Atilla Miklos Gyor Hungary.

*When I told a girlfriend I wanted to do Kundalini online, this was impossible she said.

That's fake! You really should not do that!
I have doubted for a long time.
Nevertheless, I took the risk, and I thank God that I did.
She is also following your education at R.O.S.S./K.Y.T.T, funny!

Kristien. Dusseldorf Germany

*Last year I started a kundalini yoga training Level 1 in Schoorl ( The Netherlands)

Nice location but quite expensive for 1 level.
After 1 day I was already stuffy, It seemed a sect.
Everybody was in the gloria, really very scary, and after a day I had stopped again.

Sorry for the money. Two weeks later, I started at R.O.S.S,
From hell in heaven, Everything at your own pace and no fellow students you have to wait for.
For me, the perfect solution. Spread the words,
Erik. Alkmaar (Netherlands)

*When studying in a large group, I do not always feel comfortable.
Sometimes afraid to ask things, and afraid to make mistakes.
I also found it difficult to speak for a group. When I started at R.O.S.S, it did not work well.

Therefore I was very happy with the 1 on 1 accompaniment.
A very good teacher who understood what I felt and could.
I obtained a diploma, very proud of myself,

Now I stand for the class as a teacher, Thanks R.O.S.S.

Karin from Dublin.

When I first started practicing yoga, it was a lifeline for me. I'd recently moved to a new city, started a new job and painfully ended a long relationship. I was really looking a spiritual center that would take me out of my body and my head so I could find a few moments of peace--and healing--each day. What I found was a new foundation for my workout regimen. I found myself shifting more and more of my time away from the treadmill and kickboxing classes and into the yoga studio. In the studio where I practiced, there was a big Oneg in the ceiling--I have no idea what for. I can remember every time we moved into triangle pose my eyes and my arm would search for that little circle, and I would visualize threading my fingers through it, an anchor I could use to pulling myself above all the drama in my life. When I'm stressed now, I still turn to Kundalini yoga for that sense of calm. And I still visualize that eyehook in the ceiling, an unwavering point of strength I can hang on to.
New York, NY

I used to be constipated, but now I go more regularly. It is no longer the "thick, hard to push out" stuff that comes out of my body but a more manageable size and consistency. I feel lighter too. I don't know whether this is because I believe in what the teachers say about some yoga poses help to rid the body of toxins and contributing to a more regular elimination process or whether yoga does just that.
Geanita Washington

Thank you K.Y.T.T. for the right Teaching Namaste,, With love!! Joyce Spear Canada

I had studied Kundalini yoga extensively many years before but had gradually allowed myself to fall out of practice. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, I got an acupuncture treatment and began getting myself back into shape with 2 yoga sessions a day. Within 2 weeks I was virtually pain-free. Today, I am active and fully functional. I have no problems as long as I get in at least one good session a day. Now i follow the Teacher training.
Best regards,, Michal Brown - New Zealand