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Thank you for this opportunity, now I can finally really delve into kundalini yoga. Highly recommended, now also registered for pregnancy yoga. Namasté Shannan from the USA - New York 2021SH210985003

Thank you for receiving my learning packet and the Kalimba I enjoy this very much, and I can not wait to start with my education. It looks good! With love and divine from Mario (Spain)

I can only say that I am really satisfied with how I am taught by ross. I first did the chakra yoga course, now I am following kytt. Highly recommended the training!! Fatima from Amsterdam 

Thanks so much for the past few months studying ROSS! It was truly a life-changing and eye-opening experience, not only as a yoga teacher but personally as I felt myself grow leaps and bounds! I started off not knowing exactly what I wanted out of the course, but soon after realized that I had found a place where I truly wanted to be, and with people who I aspired to be more like. I also felt major changes in my life, own practice, and confidence as a reflection of what we learned in the lesson (especially from my teacher Manoro Singh), as it was so relevant to daily life, especially the meditation, pranayama, and spirituality modules, and both my friends and family noticed major changes in my demeanor and attitude, so thank you!!!

I loved doing my teacher training at ROSS as I found this course provided plenty of opportunities for practical teaching experience. This gave me the confidence to start teaching straight after graduating. Paula from Denver 

My name is Susanne Bewilogua but most people know me as Hila.

I live
and teach physical and online Kundalini Yoga lessons in Tokyo, Japan.

A little bit about me.
I was born in the former GDR where spirituality hardly existed. I was
one of the most unathletic people in my class and would rather sit in silence, close my eyes, visualize, imagine and dream, mostly of freedom.

In 1995, I finished my studies and became a qualified and certified chef,
nutritionist, and teacher. Today I specialize in vegetarian, vegan, and raw food including Ayurvedic remedies.
I was first introduced to Yoga in 1996 in Germany.

My life changed instantly. I quickly established my personal morning
routine and shortly after left for India with no intention of returning to Europe.
For more than two decades I kept on traveling and discovered the world's
countries, their cultures, languages, traditions, healing methods, cuisines, spiritual teachings, and many different yoga styles.

In 2006, I became a certified Ishta Yoga teacher.(Ishta = Integrated
science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) in Tokyo, Japan, and have been teaching ever since.
My personal home practice however remained a Kundalini Yoga practice. In 2019, I was in search of Kundalini Yoga teacher training when I came across ROSS educational programs.
Without hesitation, I purchased my course and embarked on a wonderful journey to deepen my knowledge.

(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training ROSS KYTT online studies).
(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).
From the beginning until the end, including the sudden Covid pandemic challenge, communication with my teacher Atma Kaur and the Ross administration has been extremely pleasant and uncomplicated.
I am sure my path with ROSS as a student will continue in the future.

Hila Susanne Bewilogua

Link: Susanne Bewiloqua 

Hi, I'm Angela from Canada. I have been practicing kundalini yoga for over 10 years. I was therefore a big fan of Yogi B. After I had been taught level 1 by the organization, I stopped for a long time. I received no personal guidance and only told negative things about other organizations. We just had to join their organization because they "would be" the best. I didn't find my way these days. It was chaotic and mostly very negative while yoga is a gift for love and respect. That was so fake with high negativity at that organization. It struck me that everything was about money and pride. I spoke to many people there who also gave up on the way it went. Later, my confirmation about the sexual abuse of Yogi B also emerged. I certainly thought this was terrible for the people who had to experience this. I have not done anything with yoga for a long time. Until I found ROSS. I personally spoke a lot with a teacher from ROSS and was surprised that yoga could indeed be followed without that organization. That yogi b only introduced it to the west and that the Kundalini Yoga has been around for over 2500 years. That Yogi B is not the inventor of this beautiful yoga form at all. I was relieved and was able to follow my full levels with the master's home training. I am now well trained but by the ROSS. And now I also give full yoga classes in Kundalini. I would therefore also like to thank Aneg Singh very much for following these instructive lessons in Kundalini yoga. I don't know what will be posted on my story but I wanted to give my opinion that ROSS is really a recommendation. Much love for the love of yoga.

Kundalini help to find me and helps me with my burnout problems Edward for Miami

Thank you for Teaching me especially Aneg Singh
I recommended this training! Greeting from Sandrina from Denmark

After about 6 months of practice, yoga took a back seat in my life as I was distracted with other things; relationships, dog, work, you name it. Then, I was in the process of getting a divorce. I turned to yoga to help ease my mind. It helped immensely in allowing myself to only focus on myself, my health, and my inner peace. I'm convinced that without yoga, I would have had a
nervous breakdown, gone through depression, and been basically emotionally and physically unbalanced. Then someone recommended ross teaching and I finish now my master's. Thank you for your support. I want to do now the pregnancy kytt. Namasté Roel Phillips from Costa Rica

I had studied Kundalini yoga extensively many years before but had gradually allowed myself to fall out of practice. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, I got an acupuncture treatment and began getting myself back into shape with 2 yoga sessions a day. Within 2 weeks I was virtually pain-free. I recommended this course perfectly! Alicia Berkman Angola.

Hi I'm Cindy from Sydney and I'm very happy to be able to follow the training with the Videos. I want to follow the Pregnancy Kundalini yoga after this course. Namaste

I recommend this training. Very good guidance. Nice way of teaching also because they are open questions and that my feeling certainly matters. I'm not there yet, but I really feel that I've started to think differently about certain situations. Peter out London

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to follow the full course. I recommend this training the material looks good along with the videos. Sandy from Florida

Very good structure of the training. And how nice that you also have Instagram, I see that you have even more courses. Have a nice day greeting from Danny Rayburn Florida 28 April 2021

I am very satisfied with the training Brandon from NY Thank you for making this possible.  

At first, I had my doubts about taking the kundalini yoga courses at the ROSS because often friends said that I had to go to a practice school that Yogi Bhanjan had but because the Corona came that was not possible. I had done my research on the internet anyway and found out that ROSS teaches from the beginning. That appealed to me and I am very grateful that I took the right step. Now fully KYTT Master thank you Daniel and Atma you were a great support. Namasté Leonie Salin from USA NY 13/2/2021

I recommend the EFT training. I have really gotten over my panic disorders. I had so much trouble falling asleep, I couldn't stop my head. I received a lot of tips from Valentina Den Bakker, now I passed and I will also do the Mindfulness training, thank you for the perfect guidance. Alé from France

I really recommend this school to the courses look good and clearly described. I like the way I can give my own opinion about spiritualism in this way. If I found something difficult, I was helped very quickly. I passed Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga last week can't wait to teach. I would like to thank my teacher Lines Elkund for her patience with my personal growth. Big and warm greeting Sonia from Australia  

12/2/2021 Hello ROSS just a message from Sophia from London. I am very grateful that I was able to follow the six yoga courses, I had a lot of free time over the past year and I know that it is not normal that I worked so hard on this but I would like to thank Manoro Singh very much for guiding me. When I have been informed later I can give six different yoga classes and that thanks to this possibility. I just want to follow pregnancy yoga. But now I'm taking a break. Thanks again Namasté.

My name is Rene de Groot and live in Stockholm I have a home practice for Stress and Burn-out complaints related complaints. 'At ROSS I followed various training courses to be able to provide my clients with tailored assistance. Then I wanted to join a professional organization to distinguish myself professionally and I signed up for the classroom Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Now completed and have a master's degree. Now I want to continue with Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga teacher training. I am really grateful that I can continue to study and keep working on myself, especially in this corona time.

Everything is closed, it drives me crazy not being able to go to yoga school. My girlfriend told me that I can also get an education at Ross. I have contacted and asked whether I can also teach here in the USA with all yoga courses. I will soon be able to set up my own yoga school with the professional organization ssmhg. I have chosen 5 different yoga forms, but I see that there is now also kundalini yoga pregnancy. Can I still change it to six yoga courses? Kind regards William Larsen from Philadelphia

Dear William Larsen, we contact you by email. Kind Regards Sandra Dudink dep Customer Service

I am so happy that I can follow the kundalini yoga training. Now in the corona time, many schools are closed I am really happy that I can still follow my training here at the ross I have opted for the full training. So far, I also like the teaching that I get feedback so quickly. 2020SNN002310 Analies from Germany 18-11-2020

The ROSS processes the registration smoothly. The submitted homework is also quickly checked so that you know what went well and what went wrong. I follow the six yoga courses to be able to set up my own yoga school in the spring. I think that a yoga school should not give shape to one yoga, but that one should be able to make several choices. So far I think it's great to be able to do this. This is highly recommended also because I had to hand in my job for 50 percent due to the Corona. I was completely through it. I have now changed course myself and I am determined, thanks to the ROSS, to start something completely new. Mark and Josh from New York. Namasté

So far the training is what I expected. I look forward to the rest of the training. Brandy from Ohio

I am very satisfied with my kundalini yoga training, such as enrichment.

Everything is explained in detail and the teacher checks smoothly and pleasantly.

If I have passed I will also follow the Kundalini yoga completely. So much fun and when the Corona is over I will get started with a new yoga school. Great greetings Paula from Washington

I have followed the Kundalini yoga training and the master and I am very satisfied with it. The exercises and explanations and homework are very useful. The contact with customer service via WhatsApp is also very nice. Really Recommended! Henry from Florida 2020HP140010 

Hi, I'm Michael from Beverly Hills I have got the training package and already done my first homework. I like the way the ROSS works really well. Finally, training where the opinion of the student is important without multiple choice. Thank you.

The training has not only changed my posture, but also my intuition. I really recommend this training and it is wonderful that I could do this following in my own time." because I m a mother of four children. Greetings Joyce from NY 2020JH184447

I am very happy with this training school and recommend this to others as well. Britty Brown from Washington

Hello,,, I am Liling from China. I chose this course because I lost my job during the Corona. I do the five different yoga courses so that I can soon start my own yoga centers. I am very satisfied, especially because I can follow it from my own home. Ross I am so grateful. Do I also get the pregnancy yoga in my package or do I have to order it separately? 2/10/2020 China Shenzhen

I am from Mongolia I had no experience with yoga at all. But I was able to learn the training from the start and now I am two years later and almost finished my master's degree. Then I will do Ayurveda and can recommend it to everyone. Especially during this time in the evening I teach yoga and during the day I want to work with Ayurveda as a doctor. I want to thank my teacher for help with my studies. Thanks, Dheere Singh I just wanted to comment. Warm regards 2017NN21005

I really recommend ross. I have followed several courses so that I can fully practice my profession as a yoga master. Only Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy yoga and then I achieved everything. Now my own school in Russian. Namasté Alla 2/10/2020

"I started taking kytt from ross in March of 2020. The teacher has gentle and gave me good advice. His instruction is easy to follow and he gives me individual attention with each module. Not only have I gained strength and flexibility, but I leave ross with renewed energy, self-confidence, inner calmness, and a clear mind. I want now to following a Master's teaching. Germany

I really recommend ross! I myself lost my job because of the Corona and I have to retrain. I am currently following a total spiritual training package. This way I will soon be able to start up my own practice and help people. Such as people with trauma processing, Eft, shamanism, Saarganjobaalja, and more. Can I also promote my new company here? John Brown from Denver

I have now started the full kundalini yoga training with the master and Ayurveda doctor training. I wanted this for a long time, but unfortunately, I couldn't leave the house in the evening. I have four children, but besides my children, I also think my own development is very important. I am also very grateful to Ross, I can follow the training completely in my own time. I really recommend this way of teaching. I am from NY USA Kalissa Walker 29-08-2020

(Spain 29/08) I definitely recommend this training. Carlos Ramirez Namasté

28-08-2020 I have registered for the five yoga courses. I'm going to set up my own yoga school in Washington when Corona is over. In the meantime, I can fully focus on the different yoga forms. So far I am very satisfied. I'm from California but I'm moving to Washington. Can I promote my yoga school even if I have passed or do I have to ask customer service? Olivia Oduol

I am very happy that I am following this training. I had a car accident in 2017 and from that moment on I have been suffering from stiff muscles in my neck. Thanks to the good guidance, my health is much better. I am not quite there but the guidance is so caring and helpful without haste I can follow the training on my own time. After the training, I also want to follow the PKYTT in the new year. One more Level to go. Have a nice day ROSS. Love and Peace Elly White USA.

26-08-2020 Thank you for teaching me in kundalini yoga. I'm so grateful big hug. Namasté Karin Whiteman Australia

I really recommend this training. I have really changed mentally and physically. I am a COPD patient myself but I can honestly say that I have learned to breathe in a different way. I use a lot less medication. My number is 2020HI30033 from Germany

24-08-2020 Great program. I get all my favorites kundalini exercises in the paper version and download version. I want both so that I can do yoga on the different places for right at home on my schedule. I can pause if I need to, I can take it on the road with me, and try things that I might not have the courage to do in person at home where no one can laugh at me. I like the way how ross gives teaching. On every question a received comment for more advice. Thank you. blessing you all. Cindy and Sandra Pájer from France.

17-08-2020 I'm a single mama and I can not go to a practice school. This is so much better. Before I registered for Kundalini Yoga Teacher I have already done a Chakra Yoga training. The homework and comments are good and very clear. I recommend this education. After this training, I will do pregnancy teacher training. When is this available? Namasté Jenny Blof from Sweden.

ROSS has changed my life!! Thank you for making constant changes that make ROSS on Demand better. I am a 52-year-old woman who thought exercise would eventually become difficult to do. 15-08-2020 Big hug Angela Housten from Beverly Hills.

30/07/2020 I am so happy that I can now follow this training because I am a single mother of four children, I often cannot leave the house, now I have started the training almost finished Level 1 and can really recommend this training. It is also great that you receive an extensive commentary that really benefits me. Thank you so much, Atma and I'm now going to Level 2. Megan Garji from Minnesota

I really recommend this training. I myself have been working for six months now and have opted for the complete yoga package with Ayurveda. It is a versatile training that can take in many directions. I have now passed kytt and am now starting my master's degree. I can truly say that I see things so much differently in everyday life. Lauren from Florida Namasté 29-07-2020

I had studied Kundalini yoga extensively many years before but had gradually allowed myself to fall out of practice. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, I got an acupuncture treatment and began getting myself back into shape with 2 yoga sessions a day. Within 2 weeks I was virtually pain-free. Today, I am active and fully functional. I have no problems as long as I get in at least one good session a day.
May you be richly blessed, Liana Vaughan Texas

Yes, I passed. Thank you Beátha for helping me with my many questions. I am now going to start up my own spiritual center. Or is this just yoga. Well, I passed the spiritual training program. Lots of love Angela Bradbury 26/07/2020

26/07/2020 Jenny Ghotmar Kundalini Yoga has healed me in so many ways. Following the sudden and unexpected loss of my fiancé, yoga helped to keep me grounded during my grief. During class, my mind was often elsewhere and during savasana, I sometimes cried. It was a way to take care of myself while I walked thru the valley of the shadows. Big hug Sweden

24-7-2020 Yogic breathing and the increased sense of calm and peace that is brought
about by a regular yoga practice have really helped me combat anxiety. It's
not that I no longer have stress in my life, it's the way I handle it that
has changed so much. I attribute that change directly to yoga and I am so
grateful. Cindy Sander CA

24/07/2020 When I first started practicing yoga, it was a lifeline for me. I'd recently moved to a new city, started a new job, and painfully ended a long relationship. I was really looking for a spiritual center that would take me out of my body and my head so I could find a few moments of peace and healing each day. Ross help me with this thank you for this opportunity I'm now Chakra yoga teacher and I want also the kytt training to following. Pracna Lewis New York.

Great Yoga teaching I'm from Gunnar Iceland 22-07-2020

I really recommend this course especially next to your work and/or family as I am always busy. Denise Horvath Hungarian

I am following the four yoga courses but have now passed for Kytt teacher training but I really recommend these courses. I am now going to start the master and I hope that I will soon receive my gong instrument, which I have not yet received. As soon as I have this I will fully follow the gong lessons. lots of sweet Debbie Larsen from Canada 21/07-2020

Really recommended wonderful to my family and quick homework correction. Suzanne Yates from Mongoli

I definitely recommend following ROSS training. Joye from New York 20-07-2020

Dear Sandra, I would like to thank you for teaching. I have learned a lot and am thinking about following the kytt master. Thank you again and I have received my official documents. Namsté Michael Cluen 18-07-2020

I want to give my compliments to the education of the ROSS so kindly. I had first completed my full KYTT with you and now I will follow the Ayurveda DC medicine training. What I want to say is really very satisfied that my homework is assessed so quickly. Roland Moody from NY2020RM6652001

I am so happy that I can finally follow my education. I want to be a Yoga teacher for years, but I couldn't because of the great distance here in Canada. I am so grateful that I have now achieved level 1 and will continue to love the Master's course Namasté  Lines Elland.

Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher - passing your knowledge & love of
Kundalini Master Yoga. I am grateful to have been your student. You have been blessed with a
a wonderful gift of helping & healing minds and bodies. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Best wishes as you leave Jennifer Smith from Miami 2018JS002317
Jennifer 19-12-2019

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to experience Kundalini Yoga under your
guidance. I can never thank you enough for helping me with my back and wrist pain.
You will be greatly missed. Best wishes to you in Hungarian.
Thank you,
Ilonka 19-12-2019

I want to thank ROSS for my KYTT training so quickly in three months I was done. It was practicing yoga every day but I made it. Thank you for helping me so well. Rose Willems from the United Kingdom.

For me is teacher Aneg are the yoga classes that kept the aging process at bay. No matter how tired or despondent I might feel before the class afterward I am so glad I made the effort and commitment. My previously aching body is renewed with vigor and imbued with a sense of calm and peace. Having little willpower to practice on my own I rely very heavily on Aneg lesson in the study. Ricky Heidem

Namsté I joined ross yoga training to combat stiffening joints and to regain some lost flexibilty , I am happy to say that yoga works for me. The teacher is fun and good. Now I start with level 3."
Sandra, Ubley

Good day....Just wanted to say a big thank you for another good term and especially the wonderful teacher training lessons. We all came away totally destressed - long may it last."
Sylvia, Brendon Broughton

*At school in 2003 I was the worst of class.
Only suitable for special education my teacher said.

In march 2016 I started the Kundalini Yoga teacher training of R.O.S.S / K.Y.T.T.

I passed November 2016, and now I have my own yoga school. Thanks to the personal guidance of R.O.S.S / K.Y.T.T.

Thanks for this, You changed my life.

A warm greeting Kara Moutinco . Whanganui, New Zealand.


I live in klippen.

A little town in N/E of Sweden, More than 500 km of the big city

It was impossible for me to follow a Yoga training in the big city because the distances are far too big.
R.O.S.S. Gave me the opportunity to do the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training online.
What a wonderful solution. I can recommend this to everyone.

Regards Anna Petterson

*Good evening

I like to give positive feedback, for my study at R.O.S.S

Here in Hungary, the salary s are very low.

It is very difficult to pay the very expensive Kundalini training for Level 1.2 and 3

At some training centers, sometimes more than $ 1500 for a level.

You give me a great offer, flexible, perfect training, for a normal price for all levels in one.

Don't ask me how, but you did it.

Super!! Atilla Miklos Gyor Hungary.

*When I told a girlfriend I wanted to do Kundalini online, this was impossible she said.

That's fake! You really should not do that!
I have doubted for a long time.
Nevertheless, I took the risk, and I thank God that I did.
She is also following your education at R.O.S.S./K.Y.T.T, funny!

Kristien. Dusseldorf Germany

*Last year I started a kundalini yoga training Level 1 in Schoorl ( The Netherlands)

Nice location but quite expensive for 1 level.
After 1 day I was already stuffy, It seemed a sect.
Everybody was in the gloria, really very scary, and after a day I had stopped again.

Sorry for the money. Two weeks later, I started at R.O.S.S,
From hell in heaven, Everything at your own pace and no fellow students you have to wait for.
For me, the perfect solution. Spread the words,
Erik. Alkmaar (Netherlands)

*When studying in a large group, I do not always feel comfortable.
Sometimes afraid to ask things, and afraid to make mistakes.
I also found it difficult to speak for a group. When I started at R.O.S.S, it did not work well.

Therefore I was very happy with the 1 on 1 accompaniment.
A very good teacher who understood what I felt and could.
I obtained a diploma, very proud of myself,

Now I stand for the class as a teacher, Thanks R.O.S.S.

Karin from Dublin.

When I first started practicing yoga, it was a lifeline for me. I'd recently moved to a new city, started a new job and painfully ended a long relationship. I was really looking a spiritual center that would take me out of my body and my head so I could find a few moments of peace--and healing--each day. What I found was a new foundation for my workout regimen. I found myself shifting more and more of my time away from the treadmill and kickboxing classes and into the yoga studio. In the studio where I practiced, there was a big Oneg in the ceiling--I have no idea what for. I can remember every time we moved into triangle pose my eyes and my arm would search for that little circle, and I would visualize threading my fingers through it, an anchor I could use to pulling myself above all the drama in my life. When I'm stressed now, I still turn to Kundalini yoga for that sense of calm. And I still visualize that eyehook in the ceiling, an unwavering point of strength I can hang on to.
New York, NY

I used to be constipated, but now I go more regularly. It is no longer the "thick, hard to push out" stuff that comes out of my body but a more manageable size and consistency. I feel lighter too. I don't know whether this is because I believe in what the teachers say about some yoga poses help to rid the body of toxins and contributing to a more regular elimination process or whether yoga does just that.
Geanita Washington

Thank you K.Y.T.T. for the right Teaching Namaste,, With love!! Joyce Spear Canada

I had studied Kundalini yoga extensively many years before but had gradually allowed myself to fall out of practice. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, I got an acupuncture treatment and began getting myself back into shape with 2 yoga sessions a day. Within 2 weeks I was virtually pain-free. Today, I am active and fully functional. I have no problems as long as I get in at least one good session a day. Now i follow the Teacher training.
Best regards,, Michal Brown - New Zealand

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