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P/D Boelelaan  897           Fenyves köz 1   Szent Istvan út

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Amsterdam                        Gödöllő              Rakamaz

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P/D - ROSS - Szent István út 159 - 4465 Rakamaz Hungarian

P/D P/C Sósói út 31 4400 Nyiregháza

Customer Service Phone Service 0036-706124449 / Local Europe time 18:00/21:00

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Postal Address: New York, Canada, India, Toronto, China, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Africa, Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany.



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At ROSS/KYTT it is possible to order training all over the world. It doesn't matter which country you are living in. We send the training all around the world and we give you the right education to become a real Kundalini Yoga Teacher with the right Association.

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P/D Boelelaan 897 ' 1082 RW - Amsterdam Holland

Head Office - Fenyves köz 2100 Gödöllő Hungarian

Head Office - Rakamas Szent István - 4465 Hungarian

P/D Budapest / 1051