Corona Update


Corona update

We are ready for you as always!
We can imagine that you have a number of questions for us regarding COVID-19. Therefore some information about this at a glance.

With the ROSS / KYTT, nothing changes at the moment:
Courses and training and course materials are still being sent;
As always, customer service is available via email and telephone upon callback requests.

You can simply submit your homework and this will be checked by your teacher (unless otherwise indicated by the teacher);

Do you want to take the exam? Then let ROSS / KYTT customer service information you internationally during this period.
We hope you can find a little distraction in your home study during these times. We remain ready for you as you are used to from us and we will keep you informed of any changes.

Many people lose their jobs during this difficult time. That is, of course, awful. Often people do not know what they want to do in the future. Maybe you have always had a passion for Yoga and or one of our other studies. The SSMHG offers different training packages in Wholesale to start your own training centers for your own practice, or a yoga school or maybe you want to do the same as the ROSS, KYTT or VDEO, LLP, or our other Franchise training institutes. I, therefore, refer you to contact the SSMHG without obligation about the benefits of registering with the professional organization. 

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