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Sa Spirit Meditation Healing Group - Teacher Training International.

The Yogies Donate of the S.S.M.H.G of Teaching International is funded through the donations of users like you! Your donations allow us to maintain the study and professional association as well as additional content and features to all of our searchable database applications. Thank you for your generosity.

The Yogi Yoga of S.S.M.H.G / K.Y.T.T. Teachings® is currently offered free of charge to all users. It is part of our core mission to keep it free for future generations to come who want to benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of Yogi BBhavishyajot - K.Y.T.T. For this reason, we have opened The K.Y.T.T. Teachings Homestudy - E-learning worldwide.®

Forgiving Donations it is possible for the SSMHG to create more spiritual studies for an affordable price. So that the desired yoga studies and/or spiritual Master studies are accessible for everyone. The SSMHG grows each year more and more globally with your help.

We are grateful to make and write what's  impossible to make the studies possible. With the Studies from the SSMHG Association is everthing possible.

Hisaja -Namasté

Donate Worldwide Association SSMHG
Donate Worldwide Association SSMHG

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health.

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