Experience Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainig

I recommend this kundalini yoga training Namsté Sissy Bregman

Yoga led by Monoro Singh offers you a total approach for body and mind. Not only does your balance, agility, and strength improve, but also your posture and your ability to relax. You are confronted with your physical limits and you push them after a few participations. Ross offers expert guidance in a very pleasant way. During the guidance, you constantly give friendly instructions to perform the poses correctly. Yoga used to be nothing to me. All that sitting still... But nothing could be further from the truth and now that I have experienced the effect of this form of yoga (in combination with pleasant guidance by Monoro Singh) I am really very happy. I have chosen the six yoga packages that are from can follow. I am now halfway through my education. I can recommend it to everyone.

 Namasté Sonja Hessel

I want to thank ROSS for teaching. Kundalini Yoga improves my flexibility and strengthens muscles, posture and so much more. Highly recommended to follow a training at the Ross.

Just a note to say how much I bloody love kundalini yoga! I have always struggled to get into yoga giving up after one class or not quite connecting or understanding the teacher. But ross's teaching style, clarity (I never get confused about what I have to do), and calmness.

Always nice to share these thoughts!!"

I recommend this training. I have completed Kundalini and Ayurveda training. Bela and Rosaly from Hungary

ROSS yoga education is a good training institution. I passed the full course. Thanks for the good guidance. Jessie 2019JK2235689001 from Denmark 

Everything about this course, from start to finish was wonderful: The online teaching gave me confidence and self-esteem and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am overjoyed that I decided to do this course. It's the best, most wonderful decision I have taken in my life. I take also the new course kpytt. Thank you all big hug, Angelina Turner

Clear and flexible studying I do the six yoga training. Maja from Seaford -!!

My name is Susanne Bewilogua but most people know me as Hila.

I live
and teach physical and online Kundalini Yoga lessons in Tokyo, Japan.


A little bit about me.
I was born in the former GDR where spirituality hardly existed. I was
one of the most unathletic people in my class and would rather sit in silence, close my eyes, visualize, imagine and dream, mostly of freedom.

In 1995, I finished my studies and became a qualified and certified chef,
nutritionist, and teacher. Today I specialize in vegetarian, vegan, and raw food including Ayurvedic remedies.
I was first introduced to Yoga in 1996 in Germany.

My life changed instantly. I quickly established my personal morning
routine and shortly after left for India with no intention of returning to Europe.
For more than two decades I kept on traveling and discovered the world's
countries, their cultures, languages, traditions, healing methods, cuisines, spiritual teachings, and many different yoga styles.

In 2006, I became a certified Ishta Yoga teacher.(Ishta = Integrated
Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda) in Tokyo, Japan, and have been teaching ever since.
My personal home practice however remained a Kundalini Yoga practice. In 2019, I was in search of Kundalini Yoga teacher training when I came across ROSS educational programs.
Without hesitation, I purchased my course and embarked on a wonderful journey to deepen my knowledge.

(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training ROSS KYTT online studies).
(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).
From the beginning until the end, including the sudden Covid pandemic challenge, communication with my teacher Atma Kaur and the Ross administration has been extremely pleasant and uncomplicated.
I am sure my path with ROSS as a student will continue in the future.

Hila Susanne Bewilogua

Link: Susanne Bewiloqua


Finally, a trainer that is affordable. I have looked around on the internet but I want to follow a full training. I was skeptical at first. I have no regrets and the guidance is good and warm-hearted. Passed now and continue to Kundalini pregnancy training. Jannete and Miklos from Newington

Excellent training (kundalini yoga complete), a Home study is wonderful and the themes were clear and structured. Testing is easy to do. All in all worth the investment! Thank you so much Lilian from Ohio 

I am Peter from Germany and last year I lost my job due to Covid. I was devastated, but when I came across ROSS I saw that they also do study purchasing. I have now my own training centers through the SSMHG. First online and later we start with practical lessons. Once again thank you for your possibility. Warm greeting Peter M 

I am glad I chose this course and I definitely recommend it. Emily for the UK 

I recommend this training. I am sorry that there is no contact via a form, but I do understand the conditions. After all, we are all different. This trainer really made me a different person. I was very skeptical and negative about many situations. But through yoga and personal assignments, I really started to think differently about many situations. I'm not done with the training yet. I want to indicate to others, especially in this period that yoga and yogi help to develop thoughts. 15-11-2021 Registration number 2020PA55069874 Ricardo from Greece

I would highly recommend taking the KYTT classes at Yoga ROSS. The mentor was very experienced and knowledgeable. I would like to leave a special mention to Ms. Pájer the lead trainer who is one of the best yoga instructors. Thank you so much big greats from Italy 2021HG10147985 

Very good experience. Great teachers, good vibe, and learned a lot. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone." Eunice from Spain 

Thank you for this opportunity, now I can finally really delve into kundalini yoga. Highly recommended, now also registered for pregnancy yoga. Namasté Shannan from the USA - New York 2021SH210985003

Thank you for receiving my learning packet and the Kalimba I enjoy this very much, and I can not wait to start with my education. It looks good! With love and divine from Mario (Spain)

I can only say that I am really satisfied with how I am taught by ross. I first did the chakra yoga course, now I am following kytt. Highly recommended the training!! Fatima from Amsterdam  

Thanks so much for the past few months studying ROSS! It was truly a life-changing and eye-opening experience, not only as a yoga teacher but personally as I felt myself grow leaps and bounds! I started off not knowing exactly what I wanted out of the course, but soon after realized that I had found a place where I truly wanted to be, and with people who I aspired to be more like. I also felt major changes in my life, own practice, and confidence as a reflection of what we learned in the lesson (especially from my teacher Manoro Singh), as it was so relevant to daily life, especially the meditation, pranayama, and spirituality modules, and both my friends and family noticed major changes in my demeanor and attitude, so thank you!!!

I loved doing my teacher training at ROSS as I found this course provided plenty of opportunities for practical teaching experience. This gave me the confidence to start teaching straight after graduating. Paula from Denver

Hi, I'm Angela from Canada. I have been practicing kundalini yoga for over 10 years. I was therefore a big fan of Yogi B. After I had been taught level 1 by the organization, I stopped for a long time. I received no personal guidance and only told negative things about other organizations. We just had to join their organization because they "would be" the best. I didn't find my way these days. It was chaotic and mostly very negative while yoga is a gift for love and respect. That was so fake with high negativity at that organization. It struck me that everything was about money and pride. I spoke to many people there who also gave up on the way it went. Later, my confirmation about the sexual abuse of Yogi B also emerged. I certainly thought this was terrible for the people who had to experience this. I have not done anything with yoga for a long time. Until I found ROSS. I personally spoke a lot with a teacher from ROSS and was surprised that yoga could indeed be followed without that organization. That yogi b only introduced it to the west and that the Kundalini Yoga has been around for over 2500 years. That Yogi B is not the inventor of this beautiful yoga form at all. I was relieved and was able to follow my full levels with the master's home training. I am now well trained but by the ROSS. And now I also give full yoga classes in Kundalini. I would therefore also like to thank Aneg Singh very much for following these instructive lessons in Kundalini yoga. I don't know what will be posted on my story but I wanted to give my opinion that ROSS is really a recommendation. Much love for the love of yoga. 

Kundalini help to find me and helps me with my burnout problems Edward for Miami 

After about 6 months of practice, yoga took a back seat in my life as I was distracted with other things; relationships, dogs, work, you name it. Then, I was in the process of getting a divorce. I turned to yoga to help ease my mind. It helped immensely in allowing myself to only focus on myself, my health, and my inner peace. I'm convinced that without yoga, I would have had a
nervous breakdown, gone through depression, and been basically emotionally and physically unbalanced. Then someone recommended ross teaching and I finish now my master's. Thank you for your support. I want to do now the pregnancy kytt. Namasté Roel Phillips from Costa Rica 

I recommend this training. Very good guidance. Nice way of teaching also because they are open questions and that my feeling certainly matters. I'm not there yet, but I really feel that I've started to think differently about certain situations. Peter out London 

At first, I had my doubts about taking the kundalini yoga courses at the ROSS because often friends said that I had to go to a practice school that Yogi Bhanjan had but because the Corona came that was not possible. I had done my research on the internet anyway and found out that ROSS teaches from the beginning. That appealed to me and I am very grateful that I took the right step. Now fully KYTT Master thank you Daniel and Atma you were a great support. Namasté Leonie Salin from USA NY 13/2/2021 

I recommend the EFT training. I have really gotten over my panic disorders. I had so much trouble falling asleep, I couldn't stop my head. I received a lot of tips from Valentina Den Bakker, now I passed and I will also do the Mindfulness training, thank you for the perfect guidance. Alé from France 

I am so happy that I can follow the kundalini yoga training. Now in the corona time, many schools are closed I am really happy that I can still follow my training here at the ross I have opted for the full training. So far, I also like the teaching that I get feedback so quickly. 2020SNN002310 Analies from Germany 18-11-2020

Hello,,, I am Liling from China. I chose this course because I lost my job during the Corona. I do the five different yoga courses so that I can soon start my own yoga centers. I am very satisfied, especially because I can follow it from my own home. Ross I am so grateful. Do I also get the pregnancy yoga in my package or do I have to order it separately? 2/10/2020 China Shenzhen 

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