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Complete Kundalini Home Teaching


ROSS Home education has many advantages if you opt for the complete training program. A Kundalini Yoga from the origin you really want to learn everything to be able to set up good yoga classes. First, you start with the Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2, and Level 3. Then you go to the Master and then you go to the Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Level 1 and Level 2 program. This training can of course also be followed separately. But if you want to become and be a real Yogi, the program is also complete.

There are many but really many different learning programs on the internet pay attention to this!!! Only in programs where individual levels are given are no full teacher training but only partial certificates, this does not make a teacher. Unnecessarily high costs are demanded and often the training is not certified by the SSMHG.

Online Kundalini Yoga Teaching Training Home Courses