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Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Exercises


Exercises for pregnancy kundalini yoga and during childbirth. Of the exercises you have learned earlier, you can only do the kundalini yoga exercises to a limited extent. Not all Kundalini yoga exercises are suitable when you are pregnant! Many yoga schools claim that but that is not true. The recognized kundalini pregnancy teachers know exactly which exercises can be done in the trimester during pregnancy. The yoga teacher will prepare you to step by step. The training is suitable for everyone, including students who are not pregnant.

Kundalini Prenatal yoga is designed to support mothers-to-be on their individual pregnancy journeys, from conception all the way to birth. The wide range of classes will help you meet your changing physical and emotional needs while addressing any unexpected challenges that might arise. From uplifting movement practices and back care to meditations to connect with your baby, you'll find a full spectrum of support tools.

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