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Susanne Bewiloqua   


My name is Susanne Bewilogua but most people know me as Hila.

I live
and teach physical and online Kundalini Yoga lessons in Tokyo, Japan.  

A little bit about me.
I was born in the former GDR where spirituality hardly existed. I was
one of the most unathletic people in my class and would rather sit in silence, close my eyes, visualize, imagine and dream, mostly of freedom.

In 1995, I finished my studies and became a qualified and certified chef,
nutritionist, and teacher. Today I specialize in vegetarian, vegan, and raw food including Ayurvedic remedies.
I was first introduced to Yoga in 1996 in Germany.

My life changed instantly. I quickly established my personal morning
routine and shortly after left for India with no intention of returning to Europe.
For more than two decades I kept on traveling and discovered the world's
countries, their cultures, languages, traditions, healing methods, cuisines, spiritual teachings, and many different yoga styles.

In 2006, I became a certified Ishta Yoga teacher.(Ishta = Integrated
Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda) in Tokyo, Japan, and have been teaching ever since.
My personal home practice however remained a Kundalini Yoga practice. In 2019, I was in search of Kundalini Yoga teacher training when I came across ROSS educational programs.
Without hesitation, I purchased my course and embarked on a wonderful journey to deepen my knowledge.

(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training ROSS KYTT online studies).
(Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, Level 2, Level 3).
From the beginning until the end, including the sudden Covid pandemic challenge, communication with my teacher Atma Kaur and the Ross administration has been extremely pleasant and uncomplicated.
I am sure my path with ROSS as a student will continue in the future.

Hila Susanne Bewilogua

Link: Susanne Bewilogua

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