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Ten Bodies


ROSS on the ten bodies

"You are a total combination of ten bodies. You have a spiritual body, you have three Mental Bodies (Negative, Positive, and Neutral), then you have this Physical Body, The Arc Body (which you call "halo")and you have the simple Auric Body and a Subtle Body, Pranic Body, and a Radiant Body. These ten bodies are interlocked, but two are free to leave."

Whenever the soul desires to leave the physical body, the arc body and all the other bodies remain behind because they have no combination. The physical body's pranic connection with the pranic body totally breaks, and the soul leaves with the subtle body. That means, your identity is gone. Your physical body remains, but you are gone. We call it death. . But do you understand what that indicates? If in subtlety you become very refined, and inactivity, ou become very subtle, very subtle, you are very near to your Sou. The spirit and the subtle body are very much related. There's a direct relationship between the subtle body and the spiritual body. They never leave each other. So, anything you do which is a refined art, refined acts, refined speech, anything which is nog gross, will put you nearer to the soiu. 

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