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A wise man does not mourn what he does not but rejoices in what he does have.
-Aneg Singh-

We all have a feminine and masculine side, but men are facing a unique challenge in their kundalini. They are in the strange position of being enlightened by feminine energy that resides in a male chakra. Whoever examines the male psyche will discover that men let their energy flow through their male chakras. Moreover, the bioenergetic development of men differs from that of women. If you understand the unique energetic properties of your sex, you will be able to take full advantage of the Kundalini process. It also ensures that you get the best out of yourself.

The male energy balance

Men have specific reactions of their own because they mainly focus on their male chakras. The male chakras are the odd-numbered chakras that are strongly outward. These are more electric than magnetic in nature and are active, dominant, and driven. They invite men to great deeds, lofty thoughts, and physical activity that is not always good for themselves or others.

When Kundalini awakens, the male chakras that already have a strong electric charge are fed by her electric energy. Because of that double intensity, Kundalini activation can be more explosive in men than in women. (In The System of Twelve Chakras, The Ninth And Eleventh Chakras Representing Idealism And Leadership Are Also Male.)

You may wonder why has traditionally been warned for an uncontrolled or overly sexual Kundalini transformation. These warnings usually come from men and are also intended for men. After awakening, a woman's kundalini peeks around the corner of the first chakra, then yawns once, and then moves to the second chakra to indulge there. However, a man's kundalini immediately becomes active in the first chakra, a highly body-focused source of red energy. Think of the color red and all the associations it evokes the passion, physicality anger, sex, enthusiasm and you understand that a Kundalini experience is a dip in a bath full of penetrating sensations.

The male chakras are all focused on action. The first chakra is connected to primary needs and goals, the third to success and power. The fifth chakra focuses on communication and expression, and the seventh Kundalini's ultimate goal on realizations of our spiritual destiny. However, the Kundalini process starts in the first chakra. At the coccyx, which forms the center of this male chakra, a male and a female Nadi converge: The Ida and the Pingala

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