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How do hand mudras work?

Your little fingers activate both your heart and small intestine meridians. In addition to activating the acupuncture meridians, mudras balance the five elements of fire, air, ether or space, earth and water in your body. Your thumbs activate fire energy. Your pointer fingers activate air.

What is a Mudra hand?

'Mudra', a Sanskrit word, means a symbolic hand gesture that has the power of producing joy and happiness. ... Our hands define our karma and fingers being the power points, are a link between individual Pranic force and universal cosmic energy.

Anjali Mudra Gesture of salutation

Akash Mudra - Space gesture

Padma Mudra - Lotus flower gesture

Ganesha Mudra - Gesture of lord Ganesha

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Mudra Yoga Teacher Training Content:

What are Mudras, Origin of Mudras, How are Mudra Practiced, Where and When can you practice Mudras, How long is a Mudra Held, Breating Visualization, Continuation, Mudra and Music Module 1 and Questions, Mudra and color, Using Mudras t heal physical, Mudras and healing, other hand therapies, a little exercise as a break, Module 2 and Questions, Ayurveda, Chakras , Acupressure, reflex zones, deep meridians, planetary classification, mudra and meditation, everyday problems, Module 3 and Questions, mudras for building character, Mudras planning the futere, Meditation for each finger, Thub energy, Finger energy, Middle finger, Ring finger energy, Little finger energy, Module 4 and Questions, Mudras for the body, mind and soul, Ganesha Mudra, Ushas Mudra, Segquel of the Mudra Ushas, Continaat on Pushan Mudra, Bronchial Mudra, Bronchial Mudra, Asthma Mudra, Pran Mudra, Linga Mudra, Apan Mudra, Shank Mudra, Surabhi Mudra, Vayu Mudra, Shunya Mudra, Prithivi Mudra, Varuna Mudra, What does Muddra mean, Bhudi Mudra, Back Mudra, Kubera Mudra, Module 5 and Questions Module 6 and Questions Module 7 and Questions, Kundalini Mudra, Ksepana Mudra, Rudra Mudra, Garuda Mudra, Suchi Mudra, Mushti Mudra, Mattangi Mudra, Mahasis Mudra, Hakini Mudra, Vajra Mudra, Bhramara Mudra, Uttarabodhi Mudra, Detoxification Mudra, Detoxification Mudra, Shakti Mudra, Mata Sacral Mudra, Makara Mudra, Warming of tthe fingers, Mudra Lesson, sample lessons, Questions Module 7, Mukula Mudra, Ionint Mudra, Kalesvara Mudra, Shiva Linga Mudra, Dynamic Mudra Spiritual Mudra, Atmanjali Mudra, Module 8 Question , Dhyani Mudra, Mudra of the inner self, Lotus Mudra, Abhaya Mudra, Varada Mudra , Bhumisparshu Mudra, Important Mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra , Vajrapradama Mudra, Naga Mudra, Module 9 Question , Pushpaputa Mudra, Shambavi Mudra, Akashi Mudra, Ardha Cakkasana, Ashini Mudra, Viparita karani Mudra, Kartari Mudra, What Mudra cannot do, Module 9 and Questions, Bhujangani Mudra, Kaki Mudra, Yoni Mudra, Shanti Mudra, Maha Bhandha Mudra, Mudra Exercises, Message of shiva, Yoga Mudra, Twist Mudra, Side stretsch , Tadagi Mudra, Maha Mudra, Mudra exercises, Message of shiva yoga Mudra, Twist Muddra, Side stretsch , Tadagi Mudra, Maha Mudra, Pascimottanasana Module 10 Question