Ayurveda doctor Education + KYTT L1, L2,L3 + KYTT Master

Complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L1,L2,L3 + Kundalini Yoga Master and Ayurveda Doctor Medicine Education - Download Version

Ayurveda Complete Doctor Education + Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + Kundalini Yoga Master Home Education. You can start right away

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that developed together and repeatedly influenced each other throughout history. They are integral parts of the great system of Vedic knowledge which states that all the universe is One Self and that the key to cosmic knowledge lies within our own minds and hearts. As Vedic disciplines, yoga and Ayurveda work together to enhance their great benefits on all levels. They can be integrated with related Vedic or yogic sciences of astrology, architecture, music, and language for an even broader approach.

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