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10 Days Diet Detox - Super fast diet for detoxing the body

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The detox process

When your body starts to get rid of toxins, it is possible that you'll feel a little bit tired or weak, or that you'll experience some other symptoms. Keep an eye on your intake of water when that happens - you need to drink extra water during a detox. Feeling good and clear usually happens around the third or fourth day.

If you feel you need some extra fuel, eat some protein-rich food around lunchtime. This could be free-range/organic eggs or some pulses, such as lentils, mung beans, garbanzo beans, or black beans. Try to avoid meat or fish, but if that is not possible try to make it steamed or grilled white fish.


***When our digestion is clear and healthy, it is reflected in our complexion and our radiance. The following set of exercises is amazing for the tummy. It balances the intestinal flora and aids digestion. It helps to prevent depression by eliminating unhealthy bacteria and clearing old toxins. It works wonders for losing weight. This is a great set to practice if you have stomach issues or are taking antibiotics. It gives energy to our radiance.

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