Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter Online Education - Download Version (Without Investigation Equipment GHWW)

Ghost Hunter Online Education - Download Version

Five-star training ***** It has never happened before. Parapsychological science and psychic feelings meet in the work of Ghost Hunter. Science and feeling seem to complement each other very well. Especially when it is "about the paranormal". So little is known yet, but now it is different from the recognized training, everything will be different. Form your own Team.

The mystery of life has many facets. Spirituality, extrasensory perceptions, evils of the afterlife, ghosts, magic and rituals reincarnation, Psychics clairvoyance, clairaudience a perception in the world of facts and events that cannot yet be predicted, such as the testimony of the clairvoyant who can predict to details. Spiritually the best Ghos Hunter Master education of the century. Spirits cannot be searched, but spirits can be spoken.
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We use the word ghost and spirit interchangeably but there really is a strong difference between them. According to the late Hans Holzer, professor of Parapsychology and writer of 119 books on the subject, "Ghosts are similar to psychotic human beings, incapable of reasoning for themselves. ... Spirits on the other hand are the surviving personalities of all of us who pass through the door of death in a relatively normal fashion."

We learn from him that ghosts are tied to the location of their death, usually a sudden or tragic one, and they often don't realize that they are dead. In most cases, they have "unfinished business" as the deceased person does not accept the way in which they died. The simplest form of unfinished business can be as innocent as a person being attached so strongly to their home that they cannot leave it behind and pass over. They are known as "caretakers" and want to stay to make sure the building is being taken care of properly by future owners and also to their approval. At the end of the scale, unfinished business can take the form of dark energy when a person's death is extremely violent and unexpected.

Surprisingly, only a small percentage of paranormal sightings are true ghosts. The majority of them are really sightings of what we call "residual energy" - when an emotional event is replayed over and over again, at the same spot, and at the same time. With the study of ROSS we learn you every detail and skills how to work with energies.

Ghost Hunter

Module 1
p- What is a paranormal experience
p- Paranormal dreams
p- Watch impressions
p- Hallucinations
p- Seeing the future
p- the difference between the paranormal and normal

Module 1
Hunter Powers
h- Two selves and three mental level
h- Center of your head
h- Recognize pendulum and energy
h- Make a pendulum
h -How to hold the pendant
h- Successful commuting

Module 1
Spirit appearing
g- Energies that linger
g- Example 1
g- Example 2
g- Real haunted houses
g- Fekete Kastely Hungarian
g- Practical excursion during practical training Fekete kastely

Module 2
p-shamanism psychic experiences in different cultures
p-paranormal surgery
p-voodoo psychic healing
p-area and ESP
p-ESP clairvoyance
p-psychokinesis PK
p-what parapsychology is not
Module 2
Hunter capabilities
h-focused attention
h exercise 1 ability
h exercise 2 focus of attention
h exercise 3
h-relaxation exercise 1
h breathing
h exercise 1,2,3
h confirmation
h visualizations

Module 2
h self-protection
h-spirits and intuitive development
h grounds + exercise
h-spirits and intuitive development
h exercise grounds 1.2
h-talk to the earth
h exercise talking to nature
h-commuteModule 2
p-successful commute
p exercise 1
p exercise 2
p exercise 3
Module 2
G-Brabant village
G-Brabant village write a report

Module 2
Assignments Module 2

Module 3
P-Philadelphia experiment
P-consciousness state
P-Trance and hypnosis
P increase in body awareness
P-front and background Focus
Module 3
-How do parapsychologists work?
-Examination of special cases
-Experimental method
-Holy livesModule 3
Example Ghost apparitions
Module 3
-Starting problem pendulum
-When the pendulum doesn't move
- correct erroneous results
-physical senses.
-Shuttling with cards
-The use
-Create cards
Module 3
Spirit appearance
Exercise with calls
Q board

Module 4
P-What we observe
P- received telepathically
Exercise 1 in pairs
Exercise only 2
Exercise 3 partner
Exercise 4 group
Exercise 5 group
P-Sensitivity to people and objects
Exercise 1 person sensitivity
Exercise 2 color sensitivity
Exercise 3 sensitivity to playing cards
Exercise 4 sensitivity for group playing cards
Exercise 5 sensitivity to coins
Exercise 6 sensitivity to emotion group
Exercise 1
Secular investigation
Intuitive exercises
- exit
-fly exercise
-According to the Chinese model
-five elements
-energetic work
Inductor frozen
Black legs from the ceiling module 5
Do assignment with flashlight MET Meter, Recorder Ghostbox, Sensor, Rem pod with Temp, Laser Grit Scoop digital, EMF meter,
-Graphrover Aberdeen + assignment
- Commissioned Buildings Visits + EquipmentModule 6
Crystal ball exercise
Paranormal Readings
ESP extrasensory perception
Dreams and ESP
Intuitive development
Visualization and transformation exercise
Pictures change exercise
Blow up images exercise
Tracking earth rays
Gaining power
Immunity system
Interfering radiation
Investigate interfering radiation
Five disturbing radiation
Indirect radiation
Spirit appearance
G-Coffin in the bedroom
G-Antique Mirror
P-spirits in the house

Module 7
-The paranormal ability for the projectability
-Telepathically sending
-To cure
-P dreams about the future
-Intuitive development
- Let energy flow
-P Neutralize earth rays with Ghost Hunger
-Radiation sickness
-Twelve o'clock
-Ghost castle DorwerthModule 8
P- Psychics, Medium, Guides
P- Exercise group, exercises only
P- Intuitive exercises
P- Exercises
P- Shadows
P- Acknowledge fear and negativity
P- Meet other helpers
Spirit appearance
- Estate inhabited by Spirits
- Estate home assignment
-The spirit of man and animal
-Entities of animals
-Ghost Hunter Team
-Hospital Hunter story
-Fears of appearances

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