July Kundalini Yoga Discount - Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training + Free KYTT L1 L2 L3

July Discount Two Course in One - KYTT Pregnancy + Free KYTT L1 L2 L3

July Discount! Two Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in one order!

In the month of July, ROSS offers two courses for one price. You will receive in a download version the Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 + Free Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 + Videos + Open book exam and three years free registration with the professional body SSMHG. The advantage of this professional organization is that you can teach the Kundalini Yoga form worldwide and you can give pregnancy yoga classes. Both educational and fully certified courses

$995,00 $1.500,00
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