Ayurveda Recipe E-book

Ayurveda recipes E-book Vata Pitta Kapha in Balance. Order now this beautiful E-book and make your favorite smoothie and cook your favorite diner.

Ayurveda Recipes E-book

New, Ayurveda Recipe E-book for Ayurveda type (dosha's) VPK $ 75,-

This recipe guide is good and practical, not to mention a very tasty, supplement to Ayurveda, Balance, and Detox. (free with Ayurveda training) But now also available separately. The short introduction and explanation about Ayurveda and the three Ayurveda types (doshas) Vata Pitta and Kapha precede the many tasty recipes based on the ancient health theory of Ayurveda. Den of vegetables, fruits, grains, meat, fishbone, soy, nuts, seeds, egg, dairy products, oil, algae, sweeteners) may or may not be suitable for which dosha. We provide insight into the health theory of Ayurveda. For more Ayurveda and Medici learning you learn with the Ayurveda Doctor Training Level 1 Level 2.

Enjoy the Recipe E-book Ayurveda with more than 70 recipes that you can use right away.

Price $ 75,-

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