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73, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + open book exam + Tantra Sex Teacher Training + open book exam Online Home courses. Now for a lower price. Normally you pay 915,- USD. Now with the November Action is the price 650,- USD.

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Tantra Sex Content:

Tantra Training Content:

History, polarity of sex,

Multiple orgasm for men,

Tantra and Yoga,

Tantra and accept yourself,

Working on the basis,

Time for Tantra,


A holy place,

Bandhas and tantric fitness for him and her,

Tantric dance,



Meditation and tantric setting,

Shiva and love,

Purification ritual,

Breathing and eye contact,

Kingdom of the divine,

Shiva and Devi,

Shiva Linga,

Tantric touch of erogenous zones,

Tantric sex and discharge,


Completely let go,

Tantric touch,

Tantric sex and its discharge,

Roll Change,

Support for sex,

Tantric turn,


Tantric sex,

Erotic massage,

Tantric kiss,

Be one with tantra.

The first Sutra,

Hurry and orgasm,


The second Sutra,


Massage of the YONI,

Lingam Massage,

The third sutra,

Forget yourself,

Techniques and context,

The fifth technique,

Her holy place,

His holy place,


Cosmic orgasm,


Feelings of happiness and warmth,

Mutual tantric masturbation,

Gunni Lingus,

Sex is the beginning,


Stimulation of the clitoris,


Meditation Process,

Sex energy,

Rest and enjoy,

Sex Act,

The head of the penis and the frenulum,

Penis, Task.

The surrender,



Anal Play,

Sex Energy,


Central point of Tantra,

Meditative experience,

Anal pleasure for her,

Anal fun for him,

Life Force and sex,


Tantric bumping,

Pleasure no lust, Task.

How do the tantra in practice,



Dry orgasm,

Sex Toys For her,


Sex toys for him,

Kama Sutra,

Lotus posture,

Aware of what you perceive,

The man above,

The woman above,

Buttocks position, Task.

Step by step to become a Tantra Sex teacher,

Practical Information,


Tuition Fee,


Tantra Teachers training,


Basic Skills,

Teaching materials,


Breathing Exercises,

Pleasant place,

Motivation test, Exam. **

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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + Training books + open book exam

Content below:

Training Content: Level 1 (Module 1 + 2 + 3 + 4)
-What is kundalini yoga
-The divine kundalini snake
-History of the Yogi's
-The story of Kundalini from heaven
-The original Kundalini
-The task of Kundalini
-Vedas, Vedanta, Tantras
-Kundalini Yoga and the formula
-What is Yoga
-Kundalini yoga for everyone
-Power and relaxation
-Health, Movement, Relaxation
-Health awareness
-Kundalini yoga master
-The eightfold path
-Wake up by the transmission
-The yoga
-Build a yoga session
-Yoga and session
-The radiant kundalini
-Kundalini Shaktipat

Yoga lessons!Level 2 (Module 5,6,7,8)
-Open Chakras
-The gifts
-About the seven body chakras

-Yoga techniques for purification
-The melody of Mantras
-Own mantra
-Complete Teaching
-Become a trader and become fitter
-Philosophical thoughts
-Kriya for the eighth Chakra
-Elements of a session
-Strengthen Chakras
-Kriya for 1,2,3Level 3 (Module 9,10,11,12)-Meditation and Healing
-Meditation exercise
-Kriya for 3e,4e Chakra
-The Ten bodies
-The ten principles of a good life
-Kriya 4 the chakra
-The philosophical thought
-Kundalini and breathing
-Kriya breathing
-Meditation for the fifth Chakra
-Kriya for 6 th chakra
-Nerve system
-Meditation for the seventh Chakra
-Kriya for the eighth Chakra
-Building session
-Example yoga lesson Plus all the original exercises of the Sikh Tradition + the complete exercise book.

Yoga lessons!

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