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Reiki Mikao Usui

​A home study is an excellent way for people without access to a face-to-face class to learn Reiki. If you live geographically far away from your Teacher it means you can still learn Reiki without traveling to a class. Maybe there are teachers in your area but you do not feel connected to them. For many students, learning Reiki from the right teacher is important.

Many of our home study students studied Reiki many years ago but wish to refresh or update their knowledge and they are attracted to our down-to-earth way of teaching but prefer to learn at home rather than re-sit another face-to-face class.

In our busy world, many students choose home study as they find it difficult to fit in a face-to-face class in between their home or work commitments.

And others simply enjoy the process of being able to take their time and learn at their own pace!

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