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First education Saarganjobaalja Meditation and Healing Master with six initiations.

We will practice the Sabia exercises extensively and inspire you to teach children's yoga lessons. You can do this together with the Saarganjobaalja without the symbols because it can't be used with the children.

The meditation and healing exercises can be broadened with the yoga classes in a playful way. This allows you to refine and enlarge the experience. In addition, we will, of course, teach you how you can give your own education, putting together teaching materials, what is involved in teaching Sabia Yoga.

This Sabia Yoga training is designed in such a way that you can create it in your own way of working with children and yoga. We also focus our attention on important elements of teaching, as we are used to from Saarganjobaalja. Learning to deal with the children during yoga is also part of this.

As Saarganjobaalja therapist and Saarganjobaalja teacher, we have a lot to do with people, and with everything that concerns people. With the parents and with the children of the parents it is important to listen carefully to the needs of the child to give them a place during the lessons.

It is important that we are able to deal with this properly, and that the parents and child can take good care of this. That is why we give you step by step certain techniques and tips that we have as Meditation -Healing- Master / Sabia Teacher on a daily basis in the right lessons.

The course material of this training consists of a lot of text, supplemented with exercises, homework assignments, and step-by-step instruction guides.

It is the intention that you follow the modules of this training in the right order. You start with Module 1, It does not matter how long you do about this training. You determine your own pace, and you can safely insert a break between the Modules.

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