Six Yoga Studies

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Complete Yoga Education "Study Packages"

Begin your own yoga school with Six Different Yoga Forms ROSS International + Free Recipe Ayurveda E-Book

Begin your own yoga school with five different Yoga forms. What do you receiving?

1, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + Open book exam

2, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Master + Open book exam

3, Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training Level 1 + Level 2 + Open book exam

4, Chakra Yoga Teacher Training + Open book exam

5, Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teacher Training + Open book exam

6, Mudra Yoga Teacher Training + Open book exam

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Content for the Five Yoga Studies:

Level 1 (module 1 + 2 + 3 + 4) what is Kundalini Yoga -The divine Kundalini snake - Yogi's -Yogi's History- the story of Kundalini from heaven - the origin - the task of Kundalini - Kundalini Yoga the Vedas, Vedanta, Tantras - formula - what is Yoga - Kundalini yoga for everyone - strength and relaxation - health, movement, relaxation - health awareness - Kundalini yoga master - The eightfold path - awakening by transmission - the yoga - construction of a yoga session - Yoga and Kundalini - Kundalini shakti pat

Level 2 (module 5, 6, 7, 8) chakras - nadies - open chakras - the gifts - beyond the seven body chakras breathing - exercises - yoga techniques for purification - pranayama - kriya - mudras - the melody of mantras - own mantra - bandha's - exercises - complete - diet - are tighter and fitter - balance - philosophical thoughts - kriya for the eight chakra - chakras strengthen elements of a session - tutorials - kriya for 1, 2, 3

Level 3 (module 9, 10, 11, 12) meditation - exercises - exercise - kriya meditation for 3,4 the Chakra - Science - Ten bodies - the ten principles of a good life - Yamas - Asteya - aparigraha - Swadhyaya - kriya 4 the chakra - tutorials -the philosophical thought - meditation - kundalini and kriya breathing - breathing - meditation for the fifth chakra kriya for 6th chakra - biomechanics - nervous system - meditation for the seventh chakra - tutorials - kriya for the eighth chakra - teaching - promotion - disciplines - building session - example a yoga class plus the original bhajan yoga exercises the exercises book + open-book exam!!

The training package:

* You will receive the Home Education Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Package - Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 + Openbook exam and Videos.
* You can choose for Downloaded Version or Sending Paper Version.
* You receive two folders of the ROSS/Training + The Exercises book with clear images.
* Free gift + only by choosing to send (paper version - study books + exercise book )
* No registration cost.
* Free shipping
* After each completed level you receiving your certification and after Level 3 you received also your certification of SSMHG association.
* Individual guidance
* Open book exam + commands you can perform at home
* Aftercare, requested!
* Support the trade association SSMHG

The only Kundalini Yoga School where all Levels in one given for an affordable price with good guidance.

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New!! Master Training including Kundalini Yoga Child Teacher Training

Kundalini Yoga Master Content

Children's Kundalini Yoga mantras
Warming up exercises for children
The witch series
Exercises with two
Relaxation exercises for children
Stretching exercises for neck shoulders and arms Kundalini yoga exercises for children
Where does kundalini yoga consist?
The breathing by children
Important points during teaching Children and the beginning of a yoga
Exercises to really awaken children
Blood circulation
Children and the Aura
Sleep problems in children
Immune system
More courage in children
Nabhi Kriya
Serabandanda Kriya
the maintenance
ADHD in Children and Kundalini yoga
Strengthen the glandular system
digestion and smooth runs
Negativity and children
The four U's
The sat Kriya
The swan Kriya
The varuyas Kriya Exercises lessons on how to teach children

Yoga exercises in girls and young women
Exercises against menstrual pain
3-minute meditation to bring you back into balance
Dance and child meditation
Meditation for the lower three chakras
Pran Meditation
Meditation to open the heart
The Maha Gian Agni Kriya
Meditation and patience
meditation for information and wisdom
Helande meditation with fruit
Meditation for trust in a sense of reality
Sitali Arti pranayama
Mahan Jap

Relaxation lying on your back
Relaxation like the child
Guided meditation for teacher
Exercises to get out of the relaxation
The Chakras
Primal meditation
Sunia Antar
Tapa Yoga Karam Kriya
Meditation to stay young at heart
Antar Naad
Meditation to clear your head
Meditation for devotion
Ra Ma Da Sa Sa So So Hung
Meditation for giving healing like to a disease Child and Mother
Child and Father
The squat
The butterfly posture
Sat Nam meditation
Yoga games
Celestial communication
Yoga and nutrition Technology of Kundalini Yoga Worldwide Where to start as Teacher Spinal energy series Sa Ta Na Ma Guidelines for Sadhana

How do I deal with my Master's degree
Kundalini Yoga to adult
Kundalini Yoga to children
Put together the lessons

Training content:

Module 1, Welcome, Exercise series, Misunderstanding KYTT, Kundalini Yoga Serice, The right Mantra, Refresh memory, Breathing at Kundalini, Exercise for (conscious breathing) breathing at Kundalini Yoga, Sitali Pranayama Exercise 1, Conscious, Yogi Bhajan Faith, Intuition , 40 days meditation assignment, result, Preparing for the Aquarian Age, Mudra for the Kundalini, Bandha, Overview Assignments.

Module 2, Gong, The Inner Approach to the Gong, The Art of the Gong, First Mantal Mangalacharan, Second Mantra Adi Mantra, The Battle of the Gong, Orientation of the Gong, Agni Pran, Exercise 2 Agni Pran, Fire Breathing for Mastering, Different seat, Exercise 4 cross-legged seat, Exercise 3 Vajrasana, Exercise 5 Lotus, exercise 6 Half lotus, Exercise 7 'O' Saarganjobaalja position, Exercise 8 sit, Mantra and exercises, Lek Ong Kar, Har, Ra ma da Sa Sé So Hung, Mudra the seal of yoga, Exercise 9 mudra yoga seal gyan mudra, exercise 10 Gyan mudra active, Exercise 11 Shun Mudra, Exercise 12 Surya of Ravi, Exercise 13 Buddhi Mudra, Exercise 14 Prayer, Exercise 15, Venus Mudra, Exercise 16 Bear grip Mudra, Exercise 17 Buddha Mudra, Sikh religion, faith Sikhs, Sikh Values, Faith principles, Warden of Sikh, Sikh History, The core of Sikh, The ten Sikh Guru's, Exercise 18, Silence and Intuition, Exercise 19 Long relaxation, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, Commands Module 2

Module 3, exercise 20 Sat made meditation, make a decision, emotions in balance, guidelines Sadhana, own pace, focus and attention, active and passive, 40 days, missing day, awareness, menstruation, correct Sadhana, healing meditation exercise 21, Mantra Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Yoga Pranayam exercise, Refresher with exercises, Sundara exercise 22, Venus grip a23, Exercise 24 Chair posture, Exercise 25 yogi walk, 25 a, b alternative posture, Gong and the chakras, Gong and Yogi Bhajan, Gong rhythm of the strokes, explanation gong strokes, emotional transformations, Yogi bhajan nervous system, Parighasana abcde exercises, Exercise 26 Sirsasana, Exercise 27 Janu Sirsasana, Exercise 28 Rowing with the lower leg, Exercise 29 Cradles of your leg, Exercise 30 Stretch Kriya, Exercise 31, Eka Pada A + B, Exercise 32 Mother Clock, Exercise 33, Ardha Matsyendrasana, Exercise 34 Baby Pose.

Module 4, warming up, eating habits, exercise Sa Ta Na Ma, Healthy Happy Holy Breath, HHHB exercise 27, A good night's rest, Night rest exercises, Heal with your hands, Breathing before sleep Yogi Bhajan, Together Kundalini Yoga, Series Together yoga 1b , 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tree posture 4, Relaxation for the eyes 5, The child and the yoga, children learn, teacher during the Sabia, Sabia kundalini yoga classes, Sabia kundalini time, five Sabia kundalini abstinence, The fingers Exercise 1, The Wrist Exercise 2, The Knee Exercise 3, The Foot Exercise 4, The Hips Exercise 5, Nap Nap Series Exercise 6 through 10, Waking up like a yogi master.

Module 5, Kundalini energetic exercises, exercise 35 knock, exercise 36 shake, exercise 37 stretching exercises for neck, shoulder arms Series 1 to 3, full yoga class, to strengthen the lungs, 1 to 15, Recovery time Kundalini, Sabia adventures , Sabia kundalini exercises, Madja exercise 11, Trup exercise 12, Vlia exercise 13, Klaka exercise 14, Pio exercise 15, Stapo exercise 16, Basoe exercise 17, Oe oe, exercise 18, Bra exercise 19, Wra wroe exercise 20, Example Sabia Kundalini.

Module 6, kundalini can cause discomfort, crisis situations, sudden kundalini activity, change in appearance with kundalini, recharge session for beginning kundalini Sabia less, exercise 38 a + b exercise 39 1/3, exercise 40 make aura stronger, exercise 41 40/44 , practice 45 series hips, recognize kundalini, kundalini and sexual energy, practice 46, record energy channels, catharsis, Sabia practice 20 blitsa, practice 21 doloo dolloo, practice 22 dabalo, practice 23 haio, practice 24 krig krig, practice 25 kroew kroew , practice 26 iko iko, the power of the child's unconsciousness, therapeutic deployment, Example lesson, assignments.

Module 7, Mastering the yoga, exercise series salaap problems exercise 46/55 kundalini within the relationship, kundalini and sex, tantra and kundalini, kundalini for more intimacy, kundalini yoga and immune system, exercise 56/72, driving exercise, courage and daring session 68 / 73, seven fundamental rights, exercise fundamental right sexual energy exercise.

Module 8, kundalini and spirituality, looking into each other's heart, loss of relationship, unconscious in the child, play therapy, therapeutic for a yogi, groo groo, shaking, ai ai, iwao, sira sira, bruh, groeta, kriho, berka, being emotion important, bow, naho, kundalini and enlightenment, life in the moment, + exercise, hange, shrinó, wheelbarrow, romae, Sabia kundalini ensemble, knot, knave, breath Sabia, kragma, concentration, example Sabia kundalini lesson, karma and dharma, precious stones and kundalini, magnetic field practice series 74 a, b, cd, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l ,, wahé guru, Nabhi kriya series 75/85, serabando kriya 86/91 precious stones and kundalini, Ayurveda, dosha

Module 9, Master, Kundalini and the Shaktipad, Kundalini activation + exercises, Kundalini activation 1,2,3, overall series 92 through 106, How to live a yogi master, the gees of a yogi master, the concentration of Sabia, Sabia sit, watch, setal, virega, inferiority, colors sabia, stui, dral dral, second chakra, burrow and bulb, Hula, Sabia stubbornness, navel chakra, delia, mahali, fourth chakra, karbai, hoesai, throat chakra, grigro, the most important principles for a yogi master, all Yama's as yogi master, system of the 12 chakras exercise head 107 through 108 Kosha's enlightenment

Open book exam

Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 

(New 2020 home study)

Contents PKYTT
Module 1, trimester, Euphoric feeling, new beginning, week 1 to 12, intention, practice Pranayama, the connection week 7, Kriya opening the heart, the essence of life week 8, kundalini goddess sequence, grooming, week 9, lying posture, week 10, spine, intention week 10, Uttanasana, the bent-over posture, week 11, grounding, Vrksasana, week 12 Pelvic floor Kegel exercise, assignments.

Module 2, Week 13 digestive systems, Prasarit Padottanasana, face week 14, Intention week 14, kundalini and laughter, intention week 15, Ardha Chandrasana crescent, Asana the cat, week 17 nervous system, Viparita Karani rejuvenating posture, kundalini energy balance, vibrations week 18, labor breathing, intention week 19, Adho Mukha Svanasana downward dog, Touch, intention week 20, Kundalini together father and mother exercise, Overview M1 + M1, assignments.

Module 3, 2nd trimester, primal force, Virabhadrasana, intention week 21, m3 week 22, rays, Utkata Konasana, the goddess, m3 week 23, the center, intention week 23, Parvtta Sukhasana, week 24, making space, trikonasana the triangle, week 25, the pelvis, pelvic instability, week 26, eyes, intention week 26, Anjaneyasan the crescent.

Module 4, third trimester, week 27-40, week 27, Pregnancy kundalini and infatuation, Upavista Konasana wide-legged stooped posture, week 28, mindfulness, Baddha Konasana the bound angle pose, week 29, m4 courage, courage and teaching, courage and expectant motherhood, everything takes tired, Prasarita Podottanasana, virabhadrasana, the truths kundalini, week 30, week 31, rest and recharge, supported supine spin, week 32, flexibility, Marichyasana III.

Module 5, Content M5 third trimester, Module 5 week 33, week 33 intention, kundalini godless, week 34, gratitude, Ardha Parsvottanasana half plank extension, wake 35, patience, exercise, float, intention week 35, m5 Suptabaddha Konasana, practice class, week 36 intuition, seated namaste series, week 37, reflections, intention week 37, Balasana week 38, crossing, intention week 38, turning hands and knees with the pelvis, pkytt breathing, week 39, a loving delivery, kundalini ween breathing, week 40, birthday, week 40 intention, Savasana, assignments.

Module 1 Level 2, M6 full breath, focus points, 1, full breath, 2, circling, 3, loosening the neck, 4, turning shoulders smoothly, 5, giving wrists room, 6, side stretching, the cat, 8, the circling cat, 9, leg lifting, 10, preparation quad, meridians and yoga, overview, assignments module 1.

Module 2 level 2, 11-squat, 12 ankles loosening, 13 knees loosening, 14 hula hoops, 15 back swings, 16 tappings, bean bag, healing meditation ra ma da sa sé so hung, meaning, 17 moving weight, 18 stretching for lung and colon energy, exercise series, Anxiety confidence, exercise series, assignment, the relationship between the point of view, 19 stretching for stomach and spleen, 20, stretching heart and small intestine, 21 stretching bladder and kidneys, 22 strength in the center, 23 stretching gallbladder and liver, 24 the bridge, 25 sacrum mass, 26 relaxation for the upper back, 27 turning arms, 28 rubbing your stomach.

Module 3 Level 2, assignments, 1 full breath, 2 neck loosening, 3 shoulders smoothly turning, 4, giving wrists room, 5 the cat, 6 circling cat, 7 leg raise, 8 squat, 9 squats, mantras 10 hula hoop, 11 back swings, 12 moving weight, 13 stretching lung and colon.

Module 4 Level 2, Together, 1 making contact, 2 back massage on the side, purification and kundalini, 3 side massage, 4 relaxation of the back, 5 relaxations of the legs, 6 circulations of your legs, 7 connection between heart and uterus, Kundalini insights, 8 contacts between kidneys and uterus.

Module 5, Pressure points during pregnancy and delivery, 1 pressure point for strong blood, 2 pressure point for breathing space, 3 pressure point for energy, 4 pressure point for a strong pelvis, exercises during childbirth.

Module 6, Aftercare, The first sixteen weeks, Exam.

Chakra Yoga Content

-M1, Prana, Mirror image of the body - the feet, Anatomy of the feet, The health of the feet and the vitality of the body, Failures in the energy flow, Toes and neck, Foot yoga against heavy legs and varicose veins, Exercise for the feet , Preparing to feel foot chakras, Exercise 1,2, Tadasana, Exercise 3, playing the piano with toes, Exercise 4, Walking backwards, Exercise 5, The calf pump, Exercise 6, Roll down foot seats, Exercise 7, Flexible ankles, Exercise 8, Upright posture, Exercise 9, Long legs, Exercise 10, The monkey, Exercise 11, Foot massage, Exercise 12, Ball massage, Exercise 13, Butterfly, Exercise 14, Vein currents 1, 2, 3, Exercise 17, Lying tree, Exercise 18 , Lying butterfly, Exercise 19, Four Chakra connection, Exercise 20, Savasana, Savasana, The pelvis - root chakra, Pelvic floor muscles, - Strengthen pelvic floor, Blood flow with Prana flow, Pelvic floor feet, Exercise 23, raise knees, Exercise 24 leg stretch, Exercise 25, the spider, Exercise 26, Pelvis tilt, Exercise 27 the slope, Exercise 28 the half bridge -ardha setu, Exercise 29, The forceps - paschimottanasana 1, Exercise 31, The forceps - paschimottanasana 3, Exercise 32, The grasshopper - ardha salabhasana 1, Exercise 33, The grasshopper- Ardha salabhasana 2, Exercise 34, The grasshopper - ardha salabhasana 3, Exercise 35, Knee pillow, - Uttanasana 1, Practice example lesson, Exercise 36, Knee cushion - Uttanasana 2, Exercise 37, Uttansana 3, Exercise 38, Hip dance, Exercise 39, Sit of the yogi - Utkatasana, Exercise 40, Navasana, Exercise 41, Exercise 42, Exercise 43, Exercise 44 Yoga Mudra , Assignments M1,

M2, The abdomen sacral chakra, The inner life of the abdomen, Cleaning by fasting, The Holy Power, Exercise Increase, Preparation, Exercise 45, Exercise 46, back roll 1, Exercise 47, back roll 2, Exercise 48, back roll 3, turn sit 1 Exercise 49, Exercise 50, Exercise 51, Exercise 52 sitting balance 11, Exercise 53 sitting balance 12, Exercise 54 sitting balance13, Exercise 55 pyramid 1, Exercise 56 pyramid2, Exercise 57 pyramid3, Exercise 58, Plow 1 halasana1, Exercise 59, Plow 2 halasana 2, Exercise 60, Plow 3-halasana 3, Exercise 61, close meditation the lotus flower, Meditation posture without body feeling, Example lesson, Exercise,

M3, belly button solar plexus chakra, The fire of feelings, Detox by massage, Intuition, Exercise to increase energy, concentration on the sun, Exercise 2, trunk racks 1, Exercise 63, trunk racks 2, Exercise 64, trunk racks 3, Exercise 65, Seated triangle 1, Exercise 66, seated triangle 2, Exercise 67, seated triangle 3, Exercise 68, Turning seat 4 Matsyendrasana 4, Exercise 69 , turn sit 5-matsendrasana 5, exercise 70, turn sit 6, matsendrasana 6, Exercise 71, Dancer 1 - Natarajasana 1, Exercise 72, Dancer 2 - Natarajasana 2, Exercise 73, Dancer 3 - Natarajasana 3, Exercise 74, Triangle 1 - Trikonasana 1, Exercise 75, Triangle 2 - Trikonasana 2, Exercise 76, Triangle 3 - Trikonasana 3, Exercise 77, stretching sideways 1 - Parsvakonasana 1, Exercise 78, stretching sideways 2 - parsvakonasana 2, Exercise 79, stretching sideways 3, closing meditation, To the oldest Mantra, Assignments,

M4, The heart chakra, weak heart, Heart chakra and joy of life, Exercise for the heart chakra, Movement meditation now 80, Exercise 81, fish1-matsyasana 1, Exercise 82, fish 2 matsyasana 2, Exercise 83, fish 3 matsyasan3, Exercise 84, camel 1 Ustrasana 1, Exercise 85, camel 2 ustrasona 2, Exercise 86, camel 3, Exercise 87, chest stretch 1, Exercise 88, chest stretch 2, Exercise 89, chest stretch 3, Exercise 90, Tree 1-Vrkshasana1, Exercise 91, Tree 2 -Vrkshasana2, Exercise 92, Tree 3 - Vrkshasana3, Exercise 93, Triangle 2 - Trikonasana 2, Exercise 94, Triangle 3 - Trikonasana 3, Exercise 95, Triangle 4 - Trikonasana 4, Exercise 96, Hero 1 - Virabhadrasana1, Exercise 97, Hero 2 - Virabhadrasana 2, Exercise 98 Hero 3 - Virabhadrasana 3, Heart Mudra Meditation, Mudra between body and soul, Example lesson, Assignments,

M5, Neck Chakra, Oxygen Miracle, Harmonic Vibration, The Supported Power of Stones, The Bridge between Heart and Head, Exercise for the Neck Chakra, Preparing, Exercise 99, Yogi Breathing, Exercise 100, flowing mudras, Exercise 101, Turning the Shoulder, Exercise 102, turning arms, Exercise 103, propeller, Exercise 104, curved spine 1, Exercise 105, curved spine 2, Exercise 106, curved spine 3, Exercise 107, stretching neck muscles 1, Exercise 108, stretching neck muscles 2, Exercise 109, stretching neck muscles 3, Exercise 110, dream in the wind 1, Exercise 113, gull-Bhegasana 1, Exercise 114, Bhegasana, Exercise 115, Bhegasana, Pranayama, Assignments, Module 5,

M6, Forehead chakra, Clear Head, the gateway to our the subconscious mind, the third eye, the gateway to the subconscious mind, exercise senses, exercise for harmonizing, Exercise 118, Alternate Breathing - anuloma viloma, Exercise 119, body turning, exercise 120, humble posture 1,2,3, exercise 123, dog 1 - shvanasana 1, exercise 124, dog 2- Shvanasana 2, exercise 125, exercise 126, Moon 1 - Chandrasana 1, exercise Moon 2 + 3, Exercise 129, 130, 131, Arrow 1,2,3, Exercise 132, Exercise 133, Exercise 134, shoulder position 1 -Sarvangasana 1,2,3, Exercise 135, Concentration on an object, Pratyahara, Practice Lesson Module 6, Assignments, Mainstay

M7, Bamboo stalk, energy flow through the spine, a thousand flowers of sahasrara, spiritual knowledge, exercise for the spine, preparation, chakra colors, Exercise 136, Exercise 137, standing arch, Exercise 138, knee pillow, Exercise 137 moon, Exercise 140, shvanasana, Exercise 141, cat, Exercise 142, dandasna cat Exercise 143, cobra 1,2,3, Exercise 144, Exercise 145, closing meditation, Surya namaskar, eight disciplines of Patanjali, consciously live every day.

Saarganjobaalja Yoga Content

-Trisa - Pleasure and Saarganjobaalja Yoga -High blood pressure - Migraine and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Halme -Energetic exercises -Saarganjobaalja yoga compilation - Kidneys - Gallbladder - Liver - Spleen Stomach -Lábsha - Saarganjobaalja Aljah Series - Baisja Series - Saarganjobaalja lesson - Hisaja

- Mantra - Backgrounds Saarganjobaalja yoga -Vaa -What is Sa Chi - Sa chi / Alya qi - Meridiane and Saarganjobaalja Yoga -Saarganjobaalja and Organs - Organs and yoga -Olsana - Other organs at Saarganjobaalja yoga -

The system - Together one with Saarganjobaalja meditation and yoga -Kasmo -Effects of Saarganjobaalja yoga - What distinguishes Saarganjobaalja yoga from other yoga - Saarganjobaalja yoga and emotions -Bhasam -

How is Saarganjobaalja yoga performed? - Important aspect for yoga -Anjala breathing -Sanapa -Anjala exercise -Saarganjobaalja yoga in practice -Help aids -Neutralizing postures-La bai -Szwara-La bao- Relaxed supine position -La baoo -La bay -Feel trasta -Li arg-

Example Lesson 1 Saarganjobaalja Yoga -Jobal -The unit - The eight branches of Saarganjobaalja yoga -Saarganjobaalja tools -Give it -ADD / ADHD -Hatjoe -Drasa -Sima -Salama -Szivza -Dhara -Sanana -Fufa -Malaoo -Allergies -Angels and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Asta -Artrities and Saarganjobaalja yoga

-Very common complaints - Diabetes and Saarganjobaalja yoga - Dizziness and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Binge eating and Saarganjobaalja yoga - Fibromyalgia and Saarganjobaalja yoga -Property and Saarganjobaalja yoga.

And More....

Mudra Yoga Teaching Content

What are Mudras, Origin of Mudras, How are Mudra Practiced, Where and When can you practice Mudras, How long is a Mudra Held, Breathing Visualization, Continuation, Mudra and Music Module 1 and Questions, Mudra and color, Using Mudras t heal physical, Mudras and healing, other hand therapies, a little exercise as a break, Module 2 and Questions, Ayurveda, Chakras, Acupressure, reflex zones, deep meridians, planetary classification, mudra and meditation, everyday problems, Module 3 and Questions, mudras for building character, Mudras planning the future, Meditation for each finger, Thumb energy, Finger energy, Middle finger, Ring finger energy, Little finger energy, Module 4 and Questions, Mudras for the body, mind and soul, Ganesha Mudra, Ushas Mudra, Sequel of the Mudra Ushas, Continaat on Pushan Mudra, Bronchial Mudra, Bronchial Mudra, Asthma Mudra, Pran Mudra, Linga Mudra, Apan Mudra, Shank Mudra, Surabhi Mudra, Vayu Mudra, Shunya Mudra, Prithivi Mudra, Varuna Mudra, What does Muddra mean, Bhudi Mudra, Back Mudra, Kubera Mudra, Module 5 and Questions Module 6 and Questions Module 7 and Questions, Kundalini Mudra, Ksepana Mudra, Rudra Mudra, Garuda Mudra, Suchi Mudra, Mushti Mudra, Mattangi Mudra, Mahasis Mudra, Hakini Mudra, Vajra Mudra, Bhramara Mudra, Uttarabodhi Mudra, Detoxification Mudra, Detoxification Mudra, Shakti Mudra, Mata Sacral Mudra, Makara Mudra, Warming of the fingers, Mudra Lesson, sample lessons, Questions Module 7, Mukula Mudra, Ionint Mudra, Kalesvara Mudra, Shiva Linga Mudra, Dynamic Mudra Spiritual Mudra, Atmanjali Mudra, Module 8 Question, Dhyani Mudra, Mudra of the inner self, Lotus Mudra, Abhaya Mudra, Varada Mudra, Bhumisparshu Mudra, Important Mudra, Dharmachakra Mudra, Vajrapradama Mudra, Naga Mudra, Module 9 Question, Pushpaputa Mudra, Shambavi Mudra, Akashi Mudra, Ardha Cakkasana, Ashini Mudra, Viparita Karani Mudra, Kartari Mudra, What Mudra cannot do, Module 9 and Questions, Bhujangani Mudra, Kaki Mudra, Yoni Mudra, Shanti Mudra, Maha Bandha Mudra, Mudra Exercises, Message of shiva, Yoga Mudra, Twist Mudra, Side stretch, Tadagi Mudra, Maha Mudra, Mudra exercises, Message of shiva yoga Mudra, Twist Muddra, Side stretch, Tadagi Mudra, Maha Mudra, Pascimottanasana Module 10 Question

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