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Become a real Shaman and learn every skill about Spirits, rituals and so much more.

1, What does a shaman do?

A Shaman is someone who is regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing

Become a real Shaman with the Master Home course of the ROSS.

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Shamanism, fundamental characteristics, assignments, shamanic rituals, assignments, ancient shamanic objects, exhibition, exercise, assignments, what are rituals, assignments, personal helpers, shamanic ritual, jobs, innovation, and tradition, is and what is not, experimentation, personal items, objects, challenge, jobs, create private ritual, Moskusossen, logical thinking, inspiration, tradition, jobs, science, assignments, the four directions.

The four directions, assignments, from west to east, assignments, between the north and the south, practical steps, assignments, shamanism and death, dreams, assignments, Protection and fear, Trance healing, exercise, work with the rituals, assignments, soul spirits and ghosts, practice examples, Soul, exercise, assignments, multiple soul, preparation, personal soul, assignments, the soul and the four bodies, the personality, exercise, multiple soul, soul loss, assignments, the soul and the preparation process.

The beginning of the establishment, during the preparation, Siberian shamans, set-up, jobs, effects of the line-ups, trans-generational entanglements, during the dance, Jobs, the presence of the dead, jobs, systemic work, exercise, family constellations, jobs, family constellations, other spirit, the power of the ancestors, strength,assignments

Suffering to help others, physical suffering, jobs, the experience of timelessness, pictures, healing movements, assignments, healing in shamanism and psychotherapy. Difference between shamanism and psychotherapy, assignments, rituals, trans-generational disease, ancestral power, strength, an altar for the family soul, strengthening of the life force, reception and transmission, jobs.

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