Chakras and Chakra Yoga

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Chakras are centers of consciousness. They are centers of consciousness. They are focal points of energy that have a direct, immediate, and profound effect on our daily lives. 

The eternal flow of power
Human beings have been designed by the Mater with patterns of energy flows. Energy flows through our spine, through our arms and legs, and through eight specific energy centers, or chakras are located in the body, while the seventh is just above the top of the skull, and the eighth chakra is the aura or magnetic field. The energies of the first five chakras correspond to the five basic elements of which we are made: earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

Where are you at?
The particular energy center or chakra where the majority of your kundalini energy is primarily focused or polarized influences your basic behavior and attitudes. Let me make that even stronger, the chakra that you use as a home base for your kundalini energy pretty much determines the kind of person you are. The location of the major portion of your kundalini energy also accounts for the kinds of situations you attract to you.

Just as in real estate, the three most important components are: location, location, location. Events become more understandable when we know where our energy is primarily located. Why? Because energy acts like a magnet. We constantly attract vibrations to ourselves that are on the same wavelength as the chakra from which we are operating. These vibrations are experienced as events and situations. People are drawn to us by the vibrations we project knowingly or unknowingly. 

Raising our kundalini to activate the neutral mind sixth chakra enables us to balance the forces of positive and the neutral mind enables us to balance the forces of positive and negative that exist in every situation. Balance is one of the main keys to self-mastery and contentment. The yogi strives to achieve balance so that he is never thrown off base. In yogic terms it is said,  A yogi is not affected by the pairs of opposites. We practice Kundalini or Chakra yoga in order to balance and coordinate the functions of the lower chakras and to experience the realms of the higher chakras.

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The real "proof" that someone's kundalini has risen lies in the upgrading of that person's attitude toward life, his relationships with other people, and with himself.

Raising the kundalini has to do with spiritual elevation. It is not to be confused with hearing sounds or seeing visions. Where the kundalini is allowed to rise through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and or Chakra yoga it will not make a person weird or unbalanced. 

When the kundalini is allowed to rise through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, it will not make a person weird or unbalanced. Note that the operative word here is allowed, Kundal Yoga does not force the kundalini to rise, it prepares the body to allow it to rise so that you can experience your higher consciousness. 

The Eight Chakras

We need all the chakras. No one chakra is better or worse than another, no chakra is more important than another. By understanding their purpose, we can make the best use of their power. The energy of the first five chakras corresponds to the five elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Think about the characteristics of these elements and you will have some clues as to the properties of the chakras associated with them. 

First Chakra: Earth

The first chakra represents the earth element in us. It is located in the rectum at the conjunction of 72,000 nerve endings. We couldn't get along without the first chakra. It enables us to eliminate solid waste, a most essential function of the physical body. The first chakra concerns have to do with the basic questions of security and survival. When functioning properly, this energy center gives a person strength and confidence. If it is not functioning properly, is person lives in fear and insecurity and can have a perverted approach to life. 

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Second Chakra: Water

The second projected center of consciousness has to do with the water element in our nature. It is located in the sex organs. When the second chakra is functioning properly, a person is creative and imaginative, energized and lively. Blockages in the second chakra can create an obsession with sex, to the point that nothing else matters in the person's life. There may also be an unhealthy indulgence in many kinds of fantasy, not only sexual fantasy.

Third Chakra: Fire

The third chakra represents the fire element in us. It is located in the navel point, a major focal point of energy where all 72,000 nerve endings meet. It controls the fire of digestion. The energy here is concerned with identity, domain, and judgment. If there is an imbalance, it can manifest in the person's character as excessive greed and an overwhelming drive for personal power. No matter how much a person gets, he always wants more. Nothing is ever enough, no matter whether it is needed or not. as we do with the energy of all the chakras, we want to harness the energy of the third chakra so we can use it for our own benefit. On the positive side, the third chakra energy gives us initiative and courage. Its fire can ignite a burning desire in us to accomplish great deeds and give us the zeal to keep up!

Fourth Chakra: Air

The fourth projected center o consciousness is sometimes called the "Heart Center" or the "Center of Christ Consciousness". It is located at the center of the chest, nog in the physical organ of the heart. The fourth chakra relates to the element of air in us. The power to sacrifice, born of universal divine love, comes from this chakra. It is the home of true maternal love. Any selfless act of giving without expectation of return comes from the heart center. It is the arena of kindness (the highest virtue) and compassion. When we truly speak "heart to heart" with someone, our language is sweet, kind, and uplifting, and the message gets across. When an awakened human being dwells in the fourth chakra, he is accessible, connected, loving, and compassionate. The heart center is the opening of feelings and emotions. 

Fifth Chakra: Ether

The fifth energy center has to do with the power and impact of the speech. When we speak from the fifth chakra our words are direct and penetrating. They also may be painfully blunt. One of the primary characteristics of this fifth chakra is the power of projection. Anytime you succeed in penetrating with your words, the fifth chakra must operate. The fifth chakra commands by the words. Being primarily focused at the throat chakra means we think about, talk about, are interested in nothing but Truth. However, when not functioning properly, the energy can make us highly opinionated and what we communicate is our own personal limited version of the truth. The fifth chakras give access to the arena of knowledge. 

Sixth Chakra: Intuition

The sixth chakra, or Ajna Chakra, located at the center of the forehead, slightly above the eyebrows, is sometimes called the "Third Eye". Here is where we can see the unseen, know the unknown. It is from the sixth chakra that we gain access to, and increase our faculty of, intuition. The sixth chakra is the direct pipeline to the infinite source of universal knowledge and wisdom in each of us. When we function from the sixth chakra we can use our neutral or meditative mind, and tap into the knowledge of the past, the present, and the future. As you focus more and more on the sixth chakra, your intuition becomes more active, and you will increasingly recognize and cherish breath, life, and intuition as gifts you have received. The sixth chakra is the place to set your goals and assess the long-range effects of your actions. It is the arena of projection and sophistication. The more we stimulate the pituitary gland via the sixth chakra, the more it will secrete, and the more powerfully intuition will serve us. We will just know! Intuition is a higher faculty than intellect. It is in a different realm than the intellect. Nor is being intuitive the same as being psychic. Psychic power uses energy from, and functions through, the third chakra, not the sixth. Psychic abilities can be very useful, but psychic powers have many pitfalls. Being psychic is very individual and subjective, and there is a broad margin for error. also, there can be a great temptation to use psychic power to control other people.

Seventh Chakra

Thousand Petalled Lotus, the seventh center of consciousness is at the top of the skull. It is also referred to as the Gate of Salvation, Tent Gate, or Crown Chakra. When a person raises and experiences the Kundalini Energy at the event chakra, he or she emerges into a state of bliss that has been described as indescribable. Hence the mantra of ecstasy, Wahe Guru, which means Wow! The experience of God is so fantastic, wonderful, and great. This stat of divine union is known as yoga. When a yogi leaves his body consciously to merge with the infinite, it is through the seventh chakra.

Eighth Chakra: Aura

Eight Chakra is the magnetic field generated by the vibrations of a human being. Your aura surrounds you. It normally extends several feet in every direction. The quality and size of the aura reveal a lot about the person. It is either a projection of power or it can reveal the weakness and depression of defeat. This eighth chakra is your protective shield. It changes in color, strength, and size depending upon your general physical health, and your moment to moment thoughts and feelings. Many people are able to see the aura, many are not but it's there. Kirlian photograph claims to capture the image of the aura on film. It is one of the many technical devices people have USD to explore ways to register the changes in the aura and subtle body. We may not see a person's aura, but we feel it. 

"High Spiritis" result when Kundalin returns down through Ida and Pingala and opens all the chakras!

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