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For thousands of years, this yogic knowledge was carefully handed down by oral tradition from master to disciple. The Master spoke, the student memorized and practiced. Eventually, a portion of this vast body of knowledge leading to enlightenment, or self-mastery, was written down. Some of these sacred teachings can be found in ancient Vedic texts. There's a yogic art and science to all aspects of human life. There's a yogic way to eat, and a way to breathe, Virtually every aspect of human existence has an enlightened, efficient, and effective way to do it. This legacy of technical and spiritual knowledge that yogi Master studied and mastered in India is the gift brought to the West.

The Goal to became the Master of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is designed to give you a "hands-on" experience of your highest consciousness. It teaches a method by which you can achieve the sacred purpose of your life. This can be described in many ways, such as:

  1. Experience your inner light of consciousness. 
  2. Experience your own highest consciousness
  3. Discover your real identity

The practices enable you to merge with "yoke" with the universal Self. This merging of individual consciousness with universal consciousness creates a divine union called yoga. The practice that leads to this state of self-mastery is also called "yoga". So the road and the destination have the same name, "yoga". There are many different kinds of schools of yoga. Those who practice yoga are called yogis and those who master yoga are all called yogis. The technology of Kundalini Yoga applies its science to our bodies and minds and is aimed at a spirit that has no boundaries, no discrimination. Therefore it is for everyone. It is universal and nondenominational.

Now, Now, Available...... Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training for Children Yoga lesson - SSMHG / ROSS
Previous education Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2 Level 3.
Kundalini Yoga teacher training (Master child training) is offered to teach for Children from 8 to 21 years.
After obtaining the Kundalini Yoga Child Training you are the Master of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Master Trainer - SSMHG

*Price Download Version $650,- (Level 1,Level 2,Level 3 education require)

$650.- Download Version

$799.- Sending in Paper Version

When we chant to Guru Ram Das, we are not chanting to a person, but rather to the consciousness that he embodied, and we are invoking the special qualities that he represented. "RAM" in itself is one of the Hindu names of God, and "DAS" means servant. Ram Das was true, a beloved servant of God. He was a Raj Yogi and the fourth in the line of Sikh Gurus. Each of the ten Gurus personified and exemplified special virtues, and manifested certain qualities, to demonstrate that a person in any walk of life can be divine. Loved and respected for his humility, service, and compassion, Guru Ram Das was also a great Yogi, especially renowned for his extraordinary gift of healing.

Our premise in this Education is that everyone has the right to be healthy. As women or men, there is a lot we can do to make this possible. Obviously, something has to change. Any change starts with a change of attitude, a different idea, or a concept. So we invite you to open your mind and your heart to a different way of viewing our lives, identity, and purpose as women or men. You may find some of the things you are about to read upsetting, but twenty-seven years of living, counseling, and observing the result of these ideas have convinced us of their practicality!

It's obvious that the current belief system of the "equality" of men and women has not brought us happiness and fulfillment. Discontent, depression, and frustration are common. The divorce rate continues to grow and the fabric of society is torn by bitterness and resentment on both sides of the gender line. Though important, equal pay for equal jobs does not deal with the fundamental issue of our unique strengths and purpose as women and our impact on society.

Kundalini Yoga Master
Kundalini Yoga Master
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