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Course Shamanism

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Anthropologists coined this term and have used it to refer to the spiritual and ceremonial leaders among indigenous cultures worldwide. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of these indigenous cultures. Clearly, the countless similarities between various ancient traditions played a role in the continual generalization of the word.

Over the past few decades, the term "shamanism" has been popularized throughout the western world, especially in new-age circles. Today, it can be difficult to distinguish between traditional forms of shamanism and modernized, often esoteric practices that utilize the term.

With the training in Shamanism, you will learn everything about the subject of Shamanism and the most important rituals, and with the assignments where you will practice a lot of creativity. From how to deal with primordial animals to make a drum. With this training, you become a recognized Sjamaan, and you are supported by the SSMHG. The training can be followed worldwide from your own home. Price $450.-

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TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Home - Learning

Ayurveda Doctor Education Level 1 Level 2 Home - Learning

EFT Therapist 

Spiritual Growth Studies in one Package

*Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki 3 Master 

*Saarganjobaalja Meditatie and Healing Master 

*Angel Therapist 





*Ayurveda Doctor Medicine Level 1 Level 2 

*Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 

*Kundalini Yoga Child Master Teaching Training 


*Chakra Yoga Teaching Training 

*Tantra Sex Teacher Training 

*Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teacher Training 

*Sabia Child Teacher Training 

*Ayurveda Recepten E-Book 

*Mudra Yoga Teacher Training.

Saarganjobaalja Healing and Meditation Master

Complete silence is hard to find. Our noisy world has deprived us of simple and subtle experiences. But did you know that there is an ancient Hungarian practice that can make you feel the universal energy in your body? Fascinating, right? The method is called Saarganjobaalja Healing and Meditation. Keep reading to know more. 




ROSS International:  https://www.ross-homestudy.com/

Psychometrics, Mediumship, Sabia teaching, Saarganjobaalja Healing and Meditation Master, Chakra Yoga Teaching, Reiki Mastering, Kundalini Yoga Teaching in English, Dutch language, Mudra, Sabia child Yoga Teaching, Sabia pregnancy yoga, Voodoo Master Teaching, Tantra Sex Online Teaching, Ayurvedic Doctor Level 1 and Level 2 Teaching, Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teaching.

Course Saarganjobaalja Yoga Teacher Training

Saarganjobaalja is the first Yoga form that makes yoga energy possible. Saarganjobaalja Meditation and Healing together with Saarganjobaalja Yoga makes yoga even more unique than any other yoga form. During the exercises, we learn to use the right symbols so that the energy can fully function properly physically but especially mentally.  At Saarganjobaalja it is really great to calm down, to really bring it to a halt that only this yoga form can really bring the mind to a halt. Saarganbaalja gives the body and the mind a reset feeling. There are new insights into life, new inspirations so that after one lesson one feels a completely different person. The discoverer "Samara Alja Atma Vlok", has discovered the path of Saarganbaalja. The path can be explored and discovered in Hungary but is also available as an online study.


Learn everything about how to become a Psychic Medium.
Everyone has the potential to sense and perceive the spirit world and receive evidence that those we love who have left their Earthly bodies carry on existing in the spiritual realm. Mediumship can offer us many gifts by delivering us authentic messages from the spirit world to provide us with answers, comfort, healing, and resolution.
Samara Tamis is one of the world's best-known and well-loved mediums, renowned for her astoundingly accurate ability to give exact names of people, places, and even streets relevant to a person's life. He travels the world demonstrating his abilities and offering healing and comfort to thousands of people. Samara is passionate about helping others discover their mediumistic abilities and has created this course to bring together his decades of wisdom and share all he knows about developing the skills that can help you receive clear messages from the other side.

Course Tantra Sex Teacher Training - Reduced in price!

ROSS Tantra Sex Training is for each and every human being out there - whether single or in a relationship... young or old... straight, gay, or experimentative.
It also doesn't matter whether you're new or not to Tantra. It's our promise to you that during this course you will discover, explore, and learn things you haven't even dreamed of.
This course is for YOU if you're willing to open your mind and heart to the Tantra teachings. If you want to learn to embrace your masculine and feminine side - the eternal interplay of Yin and Yang.
It's for you if you want to go deeper into your sexuality to experience life-changing orgasms and a powerful soul connection with your beloved. Better sex lives, a better relationship, learn everything about Tantra and the Tantra Sex position.
And finally - it's for you if you want to use this powerful energy and transform it into spiritual awakening.

Kundalini Yoga Complete + Master Teaching

Best Sale - Complete Kundalini Master Teaching Online Home course "Download Version". Complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 + E-Learning Videos + Kundalini Yoga Child Master Teacher Training. Sending in Download or Paper Version. Become the Master of Kundalini yoga at the Master Homestudy International. Professional Association SSMHG.

Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 Level 2 + Open book exam in Download Version

Voodoo Master (Rituals and Voodoo skills)

Online Course Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 +open book exam + E-Learning Videos

Sabia Online Child Yoga Teaching

In this online home study, we accompany you on your way to your Saarganjobaalja - Sabia Children's yoga.

We will practice the Sabia exercises extensively and inspire you to teach children yoga lessons. You can do this together with the Saarganjobaalja without the symbols because it can't be used with the children. The meditation and healing exercises can be broadened with the yoga classes in a playful way. This allows you to refine and enlarge the experience. In addition, we will, of course, teach you how you can give your own education, put together teaching materials, what is involved in teaching Sabia Yoga.

Read more:  https://www.ross-homestudy.com/child-yoga-teacher-training/

Online Mudra Hands Yoga Teacher Training 

A mudra is a symbolic, ritualistic gesture used in yoga, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The word is Sanskrit meaning "gesture," "mark" or "seal." Mudras are most commonly known as hand positions in yoga and meditation, which are believed to affect the flow of energy in the body and unblock chakras.

There are numerous types of mudras. Each type is thought to have a specific effect on the body and mind by clearing the psychic centers and energy channels. Although hand mudras are the most common in yoga, there are also head, postural, lock, and perineal mudras.

Read more: https://www.ross-homestudy.com/products/mudra-yoga-teacher-training-download-version-num-m1821/ 

Psychometric "Feel about photos, objects, and detecting energy. Psychometrics is a good addition to the Psychic Mediumship program".

Ghost Hunter


Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki 3 Master

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

Angel Therapist

Social Psychology

Child Psychology

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