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Become A Teacher and Serve Your World but.....

Are you interested in teaching Kundalini Yoga (as originating from the beginning and taught by or learning more about this sacred technology? It is a beautiful practice that will surely enrich your life and develop fitness healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Be aware during your search for a KYTT Teacher Training about who your Trainers and Association are, their qualifications and legitimacy, and what association you will be Certified (and the whole Levels like L1 L2 L3 in one study with once you graduate. Too many students have been misinformed (like practice schools they ask a lot of money and have to re-take their training with legitimate. Teachers once discovered they were not properly Trained or Certified after Completing their training. Kundalini yoga courses 'such as 'separate Level' or basic tools or fundament are not complete Yoga Teacher Training!!! That Certification will not be approved by the Association of the SSMHG.

SSMHG Studies/Wholesale

SSMHG writes, creates, and distributes spiritual training for private and educational centers.
By ordering, and issuing our courses, you differentiate your company from the other training centers.
Through the supervision and support of the SSSMHG association, you make yourself unique in giving spiritual training.
Worldwide training centers already preceded you. For example ROSS.

ROSS has already proven worldwide, that affordable studies are attractive to individuals and businesses.
To complete these training programs you have to fill in the questions below the form.

After receiving the application form, the SSMHG team will handle your request and send you a quote. The SSMHG team will make an offer on the following points.

* The type of training
* The amount of training you ordered.
* The size of the company ( the amount of staff )

After the preparation of the quotation, the SSMHG team will inform you about the costs,
and the possibilities that this entails.
With the desired degree program, you will receive a certificate and an indemnification to be allowed,
to give the training course, and to distribute it.
In all cases, you have the global support and the approval of the SSMHG association.

Studies for giving training, study institutes, schools, teachers who want to further grow physically.

Online schools, practical schools, new companies that want to teach in personal growth.

For people clients, students want to give teaching with the SSMHG studies.

Purchasing for studies anywhere available 'Worldwide'!

The Wholesale SSMHG Association gives worldwide study's for schools is a proven, step-by-step process that shows you exactly how to take advantage of wholesale opportunities on Online school and Practice school for spiritual studies and Yoga Teacher studies the same way ROSS have to build their Online Teacher Trainings school worldwide business.

The Wholesale Formula is the renowned and industry-leading training program that teaches you how to build your own scalable and sustainable wholesale-based SSMHG Association - business worldwide. Work from anywhere you have internet access. Allows you to automate your business to create a passive income
Protection vs. the dreaded race to the bottom. The Wholesale Formula shows you exactly what to do every step of the way, right down to the exact email templates SSMHG uses to negotiate discounts on wholesale studies.


"The Wholesale Formula is a method, a system, and a proven FORMULA that numerous students have applied very successfully over and over. No matter if your goal is to establish your own thriving business or to just find a way to create some extra income for you and your school (Training school pratic or online, The Wholesale Formula provides you the tools with the professional association and writing studies of the SSMHG


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