Kundalini and You, Me, I,

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In the pressure and challenges of today's world, people need practice and information to help stay steady and healthy. Kundalini Yoga is a powerful way to do this, bringing energy and balance to your life. Learn these tools and integrate them into your life and help others on their way by becoming a teacher of Kundalini Yoga the only real complete yoga teaching worldwide.

The journey to becoming an is clearly described in three levels.


Kundalini For You, Worldwide Teaching

What Kundalini can do for you

As mysterious, elusive, and sublime Kundalini may be, it exists to be used. It is a force that should be at the service of our health, our relationships, and our work in everyday life. It is a divine light that aims to illuminate your path in everything you do. It unites all parts that make up you and connects you to all living things. Opening yourself up to Kundalini can be described as drinking from a divine communion cup.

From the moment we first respond to Kundalini's call, this power has changed in our lives. For example, we used the Kundalini energy to learn yoga well in a few months or years. We are thrilled to see students inspired to practice the yoga we teach. Activating Kundalini has all kinds of positive consequences, such as:

-a desire for a healthier lifestyle
-embracing sexual energy and the power that lies within it
-developing more self-control
-the ability to convert temptations into positive action.
-solving old problems
-a chance to show integrity
-spiritual awareness
-a huge confidence
-a heightened awareness of physical needs, for example in the field of sexuality and nutrition
-strengthens psychic abilities
-connection with the divine

But Kundalini allows us to do even more. The energy Gurus use to heal the sick and lower their body temperature. It is the power that the Aborigines call upon to heal affected bones in an instant and to trace them in a wind-ravaged desert. The amazing thing is that we all have this energy. Deep within us is the ancient knowledge that we need to make use of this innate ability.

We only need to understand Kundalini to open the door between heaven and earth, and as soon as we do that we will reap the benefits. The aim is to provide the necessary insights. It links the traditional insights about Kundalini to our modern needs and explains how best to deal with this elusive power. In addition, ways to take full advantage of the Kundalini experience are described. We have based not only on ancient writings, the knowledge of the Kundalini masters, and current scientific understanding but also on life experience.

The divine light shines in all of us, it speaks to us through us, shows us the way in dark times, and gives us beautiful and loving moments. Let Kundalini illuminate your path and remain aware that it is the source of inspiration that makes the difference between an ordinary life and the divine life.

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