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Conquer the Mind, You conquer the World

Mind your own business, Mind your manners, Mind over matter, Nevermind, Mind your mother, I don't mind if I do..

Contrary to popular belief, your mind is not you. Your identity is much more permanent than that. Think about how often your mind changes for you "change your mind". But your identity doesn't' change. You're still you, no matter what your mind is thinking, planning, advising, or arguing about. Just as your physical body is nog you, neither is your mind. It is equally a vehicle, to help you function here on earth, It's supposed to be your useful servant, your friend, not your boss!

Just as your physical body is not you, neither is your mind. it is equally a vehicle, to help you function here on earth. It's supposed to be your useful servant, your friend, not your boss. Have you ever watched your mind? It can be a very educational experience. The very fact that you can watch your mind demonstrates that the mind is not you. The mind is something separate from you an object that you can observe. Mastering the mind is one of the aims of Kundalini yoga because until you can control the mind, you can't get beyond it to liberation. Liberation is the experience of your own infinity and lies beyond the mind. That doesn't mean that you throw away the mind, or destroy it, or suppress it. In fact, you want to make the mind sharper, clearer, and even more useful than ever.

You can use the breath to control the mind, for the mind always follows the breath and the body follows the mind. Self-mastery starts with the breath. If you haven't already done so, please go back and read the chapter on the breath. And look up the basic breath series that is especially recommended to help make the mind sharp and clear.

Conscious minds

1, The first mind is your protector, it acts as an alarm system. It is called a negative mind. It warns you of the danger or disadvantage in any upcoming situation or decision. It's valuable. You need it. It's the mind that keeps you from stepping in front of moving trains. But you don't want to make it the final authority in your life. When carried to extremes it could make you afraid of trials that are standing still.

2, The second mind is the positive mind. This is the mind that reveals to you the possible gain or advantage you can get out of a situation. It should start communicating with you within a few seconds, almost immediately after the negative mind has given its input. By all means, listen to your positive mind, but don't act yet. After you receive all the pros and cons, you still don't have enough to make a decision, until you find out what your third mind has to say.

3, Your third mind is your neutral mind. It is not clouded by fear and insecurity. It's not fooled by wishful thinking. its only bias is to provide the best, most conscious, wise solution to any problem. This is the mind you can trust,. It has your best interests at heart (and in mind). Whether it's in your business or personal relationships, health, or where to spend your vacation, in order to determine what's really best for you now and for the future, you not only need to be aware of what opinion is held by the positive mind and what opinion is held by the negative mind, you also need to consult your natural or meditative and for a decision. The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps to develop a neutral or meditative mind so that it becomes more and more powerful and active and you can go to it very quickly for problem-solving advice. 

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